A suggestion for mother teaching about socialism 

Pamela Trees recently printed a cute, but very misguided, attempt to teach her children about socialism by giving them the exact same treatment.   

Does she really think a neurosurgeon in Canada or Denmark makes the same amount of money as a fast food worker?   

I suggest that the next lesson might be on what capitalism has come to in this country. Ask your kids how they’d like to play Monopoly, but you will start by owning 90% of the board.   

Let us know how they like it.   

I’m curious…..


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I got a real kick out of the fellas trying to school me on socialism. I admit it was a simple experiment with the kids but it got to the point. So, let me address some issues that were brought up by those comments on socialism as it relates to the United States.

No, it’s not just a few loud voices calling for socialism. We have 65 democratic socialist in our U.S. Congress today and many more in other lower offices. Democrats, socialist or not, stick together like lemmings. If the leader of the party, such as Nancy Pelosi, says they are going in the socialist direction, they go and they vote as a block with very little if any braking from the pack. California has the most democratic socialists, is fast heading toward socialism and how California go so goes the country. I, for one, am tired of representatives representing the party and not their constituents. The tactics of political correctness, cancel culture, wanting equal outcome, war on the wealthy and such are leading to a socialist society and it won’t be pretty. The poor will get poorer and only the elites will prosper. If you haven’t dug into globalism you should, as that is the end game.

In the 1970’s I met a physician from socialist/communist Russia and yes he pretty much got the same income as a janitor. He said there was a saying in Russia, “If the government thinks they’re paying us, let them think we’re working”.

There is a cry for equality right now and that cry seems to be a cry for equal outcomes. This is a country of opportunity not equal outcomes.

On guaranteed minimum income. First, our poor have the highest living standards in the world. The democratic socialist country, Denmark (a country of just 5.7 million people), tried the guaranteed minimum income and it failed because the people getting it wouldn’t go to work so they recently reduced it to see if they can get a better outcome. In addition, the U.S. is no longer the wealthiest country in the world. Our national debt is $27 trillion and 3 times what we can afford. There are 59 million poor in this country right now and if you gave them each $30,000 a year that would equal $1.7 trillion a year. The IRS takes in $3.2 trillion a year and we spend $1 trillion on interest alone, so that would not leave very much for the rest of what is in the federal budget. Some think you can just print money but that brings inflation and if you lived in the 80’s you know what that was like. In addition, tending to the poor is not the federal government’s concern, it’s the purview of the state.

The war on the wealthy: The top 10% pay 60% of the taxes collected including federal, state and local. Most wealthy tax payers pay 50% of their income in taxes. You could collect all the “wealth” of the top 10% and it wouldn’t even cover our national debt.

In conclusion, socialism comes in many different flavors but what is cropping up in the U.S. is far from the socialism found in small democratic socialist societies such as Denmark. It is an attack on our freedoms. I suggest finding news and opinions from sources other than the mainstream media or webster dictionary. The mainstream media is a monopoly that is owned by 6 corporations. Negative news gets eyeballs so they can make money on advertisements. Mainstream media is entertainment not news. If you get news it’s incidental to the media’s real purpose, which is to make money.

Here are a few sites to substantiate what I have said here:

U.S. Debt Clock in real time: https://usdebtclock.org/

List of democratic socialist in offices:



The Democratic Socialists of America


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