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Washington state politicians, local politicians and local school boards need to listen to the people and make this city and state livable again. Our politicians, city and state, only know one thing: raise our taxes. Have you looked at your property taxes, city taxes and gas taxes lately? One thing is clear — they have gone up. Have you received a pay raise? The only tax relief we received is from our federal government with only one party (Republicans) voting for it. If people do not speak up to our state and local officials then our city and state will not be livable. That's why you should vote no on the school bond and vote out every official who does not agree on fiscal responsibility. How many decreases in taxes have our city and county passed on to its citizens? We have had two percent raise in property taxes and car tab increases by the city of Battle Ground. The county raised it taxes as well. It is about time voices are heard. No more taxes. Make Washington State, Clark County, and city of Battle Ground livable again.

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So, to be clear, it is fiscally responsible to increase our debt by upwards of $2 trillion dollars (as the CBO projects these wonderful tax cuts will)? While I don't always agree with conservatives, at least they used to have the integrity to strive for balanced budgets and debt reduction as they gutted social programs and education. Now it seems conservatism has been redefined. I'm 42 and I've only ever seen my taxes go up, that's kind of what taxes do. People need to be honest about the fact that education is not important to them and stop pretending they vote no due to taxes. I believe the vast majority of no voters would vote no regardless of their latest property tax bill. Speaking of fiscal responsibility, if you can't afford your property taxes maybe you should move to a smaller house or rent? Changes like that are what the "no new taxes" crew would suggest for the government, right?

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