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I recently received a disturbing email from Earl Bowerman, the chair of the Clark County Republican Party stating, “Here is a document the Republican Party was sent today,” but yet it does not specify who it was from, which is disconcerting. 

The document speaks of pushing back against the mob and this “assault on America and our future liberty.” It proceeds to state, “The MOB is the collection of leftist organizations, vandals/rioters, enabling politicians, and top-level handers (?) who continue to push toward authoritarian central-control government.”

The required push-back stated in the document includes no constructive dialogue, but rather talks about “being seen and heard as a strong voice against the mob and the evil it brings.” Writing large amounts of letters to entities associated with the mob (they don’t care about content … just number of letters received.). Hammering the message on social media to expose the mob and share the document. Contact and demand local politicians “be part of the push back to this major threat to our families, town, state, country and way of life” (oh the irony) and if they don’t, Republicans will continue to expose the politicians weakness and complicity to the mob. Protest. Defund anyone, entity or politician complicit with the mob. Defend yourselves wherever you are because “ultimately, the mob is made up of mostly deranged people who are cowards when faced with a real fight.” Other descriptors of the mob include “treachery,” “anti-American,” “strident authoritarianism,” and ”tyrants.” In Mr. Bowerman’s email he repeatedly speaks of this as a “war” — “Without a major sustained counterforce they may win this war.” And, “what can I do as an individual in this war for my country?”

The simple act of dialogue is imperative if we are to achieve a greater understanding of each other and our neighbors with regards to racism. It is unfortunate that the CCRP has no desire for any form of productive discussion with regards to racism and systemic racism in our communities. Councilor Medvigy was right when he stated during the July 1 council time session, “There’s a divisiveness out there and it’s almost as if there is a full attack mode in the greater community.” Unfortunately, it is coming from within his own party. When community members and organizations speak up out of concern regarding one councilor’s remarks, it does not make it a “war.” The divisive propaganda defined by some unknown person within CCRP claiming that everyone who meets their definition of “mob” is a tyrant, Anti-American, treacherous, and they need to arm themselves to defend them from war is far more significant of a concern in my opinion.

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david clark

How well did Nevil Chamberland cutting a deal with thugs work out?

Of course all protesters are NOT thugs, but far too many have appeared on TV saying violence is necessary.

Hopefully you are not one of those justifying assaulting police, killing a few people, looting and arson.


Portland: Over $20 million in damaged property and businesses, of which many businesses will never reopen, citizens livelihoods destroyed. "15 minutes" from Vancouver. - Seattle: Over $20 million in damaged property and businesses, of which many businesses will never reopen, citizens livelihoods destroyed. "3 hours" from Vancouver.

What do both cities have in common: State and city governments have restricted police departments from performing their jobs and allowed these illegal acts to continue without any legal repercussions.

Just because these things have not occurred in Vancouver, the close proximity is cause for concern. Hopefully the elected officials of Clark County will not allow such actions to occur here and these officials carry out their sworn duty to protect the citizens, their property, and rights.

Polly Baker

Lew- one must first discern between who are the protestors and who are the rioters/looters. And second...that is happening in Portland NOT in Vancouver. Spreading fear that “the MOB” has come to Clark County and citing the riots is absolutely inaccurate as I have yet to see the riots and looting here. But fear gets votes—I get it.

Lew Waters

There can be no effective dialogue if one side simultaneously engages in violent behavior of rioting, looting or destruction of private property anywhere.

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