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The purpose of this letter is to explain why Peter Khalil would be the best candidate for Washington’s Third Congressional District. While the economy is at an all-time high, multiple citizens in the Third District  are living paycheck to paycheck and are relying more on Social Democratic programs such as Social Security, free or reduced lunch, the Affordable Care Act and food stamps. Jaime Herrera Beutler has voted to cut such programs. Carolyn Long has proven she cannot win as she took the same establishment route that cost Hillary Clinton the presidential election in 2016. 

Enter Peter Khalil:

Peter Khalil is a former small business owner who closed his business to run for Congress. Peter Khalil is the best candidate because Peter has different policies than Jaime or Carolyn. 

1. Getting money out of politics: Jaime has taken over $150,000 in corporate political action committee money. This enables her to work in the interest for pharmaceutical and large corporations and not for the citizens of her district.

2. Fighting for a single payer healthcare system: Millions of people in the United States do not have any health insurance including citizens of this congressional district. Under a single payer healthcare system, businesses and families save over $18,400 under a “Medicare for All” plan. Jaime has voted to cut the Affordable Care Act while Carolyn’s stance on single payer healthcare is unclear.

3. A $15 minimum wage: Workers are earning low wages and paying more taxes in the upcoming years due to the implementation of tax cuts that will benefit the people making more than $13 million that Jaime voted for.

4. Eliminating student debt and free education.

5. Taxing the people that make more than $13 million. This is the answer to Jake Tapper’s question: “How are we going to pay for it?” The current tax cuts established by Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump all benefited the upper class. Reversing these tax cuts will pay for everything I mentioned in this letter.

6. End needless wars: We need to put an end to all wars. Nancy Pelosi, Diane Fienstein, Chuck Shummer, Jaime Herrera-Beutler and Donald Trump all despise this idea.

To conclude, the upcoming race is not about the Republican vs. the establishment Democrat vs. the progressive. This is about fighting for the citizens of the district. I do think the policies that Peter Khalil are fighting for are beneficial to the district and God’s Kingdom. This is why I endorse Peter Khalil for Congress.

Thank you to The Reflector for the opportunity to let a Progressive send a letter to the editor.

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Even the most optimistic projections of the costs listed above are more than the accumulated wealth of the top 400 wealthiest in the nation. Once that's gone - then what? There would certainly be no incentive for anyone else to take their places!

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