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Regarding the article on late tax refunds, for what it's worth, that happened to me last year, way before COVID-19. I Had $5,300 due. It was sent in late February and after two months  I contacted the IRS (very very difficult by the way) and got some baloney about having to review it or something. It was a simple form, no deductions, so what's to review? I waited about six weeks, called again and they said they have no record of it. 

More calls (and long waits on phone) and more excuses that didn't make sense. Then more time and calls, so finally in October, I contacted Jamie Herrera Beutler and she intervened and called me back saying she took care of it and I should get it in a week. If not, I should call her back. I did get it in a week. I'm convinced they held onto it as long as possible because it was a fairly large refund. Might be interesting to find out if these new ones this year are all large amounts. Oh, by the way, Jamie also got me interest on it, as I told her they charge us fines and interest if we're late. Kudos to Jamie. Great representative.

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