Letter to the Editor

It has been entertaining to watch the Republicans scrambling to defend their master.  

In most cases, rather than addressing the facts, they attack the fact-bearer, the procedure or throw up a bunch of flack for confusion. 

Most entertaining has been the “look at what the other guy did” ploy — the “other guy” usually being Obama or Clinton or Biden.  

It reminds me of junior high school where I taught for 25 years. “He did it” was the typical response for those whose brains had not yet developed fully rational thinking.  

This seventh and eighth grade way of thinking is used by some in both parties along with their followers, but currently the Republicans are more adept at it.

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Bob Larimer

I'm thinking 7th and 8th graders have more sense than the geniuses in the get-Trump crowd.

The Schifft Show highlights Democrats' preening 'morality.'

'The witnesses have exemplary records. They are good people. They are standing up against an evil President.'

Says the Party that advocates for killing born babies, glorifies and promotes criminal Illegal Aliens and GLBTQPedo recruiters of other people's children.

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