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Before an American died, President Donald Trump shut down air travel from China, slowing the coronavirus. He acted early to save lives. 

Politicians jumped on him for being racist. Having failed on impeachment, and still licking their wounds, they resorted to name-calling. Joe Biden called the travel ban fear-mongering. 

On another day, Democrats claimed the president did not act soon enough. 

Today, they want to limit his daily briefings to America. I appreciate these daily updates. I am holed up, after all. However, President Trump’s approval ratings are rising. It is more difficult for media outlets to spin a story when much of the nation sees and hears the uncut version of truth for themselves. 

I can't imagine how bad we would be feeling if Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden presided over America with their open border beliefs. Donald Trump’s glass is half full and that is what I like about him. The media uses a half empty approach to news. 

Much of this country’s anger falls on them. 

They are the sales people for their product, which includes opinion and bias. For three and one half years the president has worked hard for America while the left tears him down. We can’t keep saying we need to come together without doing something to bring us together. 

We now have a need that requires our full attention. 

United we can all hate a killer together and not each other. This is an opportune time to step up and help others including neighbors and strangers, at 6 feet apart, of course. I think history will show Team Trump limited the spread of the virus until our doctors could kill it. 

He loves this nation and one of his jobs is to keep us upbeat. 

I would like to thank all military, medical and health personnel, first responders, law enforcement, grocery store employees and so many others on the front lines of this virus. 

Thanks to our truckers who faithfully deliver the goods and Woodland High School for helping them with their needs. 

Businesses giving food or masks and individuals giving their time and blood, along with teenagers who can't sit still for five minutes but have hunkered down for the safety of a nation, you are all my heroes. 

I even give kudos to our West Coast governors for shutting down all nonessential businesses to slow this disease and heal us faster. Communist China gave the world this deadly virus, and it isn't the first one either. 

They should not have the benefit of making our drugs. 

I am sure the president will remedy this situation. He brought us record jobs and record low unemployment. With his experience, he will do so again. One day we will be able to hug again. The media and politicians can go back to bashing our president if that is all that remains in their glass. 

Right now we need a country that lives with their glasses half full, as many of us are.

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Mr Schimelpfenig, your President has made many poor choices:

"In 2018, the [President] fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure." (source: Laurie Garret, writing in the journal, Foreign Policy)

"In 2018, the President disbanded the National Security Council unit, that focused on preparedness for pandemics." (source: Foreign Policy)

Your President has made many, what could kindly be called misstatements:

“Anybody that wants a test (for the coronavirus) can get a test.” (March 6, source: Miriam Valverde, rated "PANTS ON FIRE" by Politifact)

“I've always known this is a real, this is a pandemic. I've felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” (March 17, source: Jon Greenberg, rated "PANTS ON FIRE" by Politifact)

“We inherited a broken test” for COVID-19. (March 30, source: Jon Greenberg, rated "PANTS ON FIRE" by Politifact)

There are many, many more.

Regarding economic growth, your President inherited a strong economy from the Obama administration, then falsely took credit. During the Obama years, the stock market tripled, the unemployment rate fell from 10% to 5%, and there were forty consecutive months of economic growth. Obama inherited the worst recession since the 1930s, created by George W. Bush. Obama, along with the Federal Reserve Bank, turned the economy around.

Your President:

“Years of economic decay are over” because the President “reversed the failed economic policies of the previous administration.” (February 6th, source: Louis Jacobson, rated “FALSE” by Politifact)

We need a President who tells the truth, and who has sound judgment.


Trump has a bigger problem than the virus. He has to fight Pelosi and her lackies. They will destroy our country before letting Trump help it. Then they will blame it on him. I hope when this thing is over, every liberal who hates our president leaves the country. They don't deserve to live here. Try N. Korea. They are more to the liking of liberals, so lets deport all of them and get this country back to the greatness it used to have before the liberals sold us out.


Mr. Schmilpfenig - thank you for your breath-of-fresh-air commentary. Those in our country that refuse to see the good in our President; that seek only the bad outside of their own narrow-mindedness, who willingly suck up lies created and advanced by the politicians and media - it saddens me.

What has happened that should turn neighbor against neighbor, and teacher against student? Isn't there already too much negativity to fight against in this world? When a non politician that doesn't seek his own selfish, self interest steps up and makes enormous strides to improve our security, our financial well-being, attempts to improve the sovereignty of our country, reduce the ever increasing burden of taxation that the American people have to bear! When is enough, enough?

I implore the blind to open your eyes and see what this man has done when people have been crying out for decades to supposed conservative lawmakers and presidents that have promised, but who put their own self interests ahead of those that put them in office. President Donald J Trump has come in time to try to save the values that have all but dissappeared from sight. I say to all that want to preserve the America that is the Standard for freedom, and the light shining in the darkness of tyranny, socialism, communism, and every other failed form of government, and government experiment, step up, and stand shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors and fight to preserve untold numbers have died to protect and advance. Look to the wisdom of those that have gone before. Don't let your goodness be trampled under, who would take your freedom from you. The leftist philosophies will bind you, and take away the dreams of the innovative and creative. Support President Trump and what he's trying to do for us and our country. He's a man of solid business sense, and he can lead us back to making our country a place to be proud of again. Those who try to tear him down - look hard at what they offer and ask yourself, is this a good idea? Who will pay for it? Who? The government will! And you, are the government.

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