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Schools want money again? OK, I'm on fixed income and it's hard for me to pay more, but let's see where the money you already get is going before I vote. 

At about $11,000 per student per year, why do parents still have to supply so much basic material? Are you going to teach our kids to be competitive in the sciences, engineering and math for their future and ours, or just be satisfied that they understand how to be politically correct? 

How much is going to the kids? How much is going to administration? How much did you pay Bria out of our tax money to get her to go away? How much does the superintendent make, and what does he/she do to be worth that much of my tax money? 

Where's all this money going that I'm already paying when you ask for more? If we say "no more,” are you going to just come back in a few months and ask again, blaming us for not supporting "the kids" — which translates to "the administrators?” 

Are you going to watch the county assessor raise our tax base again so your "percent per thousand" ends up being more than we agreed to? Just wondering, before I run completely out of money and our kids still rank below China and other developed countries that spend their money more wisely.

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Whose not on a fixed income? I work, yes as a teacher, putting in many more hours than what I am paid for but I don't get more this month than last when I go over my what I am paid for. Bria has been gone for 3 plus years now so I think that dead horse statement has run its course. The money that is being asked for is to update, fix, and replace the buildings that are falling apart, are too small, and new buildings that are needed for the growth that is happening all around us.

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