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Each year well over 1,000 Washingtonians die due to influenza, yet Starbucks remains open, Microsoft creates products and SeaTac launches thousands of Boeing planes into the air. We watch over 15,000 people die miserable deaths of their own choosing: heart attack, stroke, lung cancer, diabetes, liver disease and suicide, all of which are avoidable circumstances yet you sit in your office and allow people to order fast food, drink themselves to death, refuse to exercise and you watch them die, but when a Chinese Virus kills people you shut down our state.

Your hypocrisy needs to be addressed. 

If it is death that you are fighting then you need to ban all modes of transportation including horseback. Our COVID-19 deaths will never compare to thousands of deaths you sanction each year by allowing commerce and social interaction. You refuse to enforce the death penalty to our convicted killers yet you allow McDonalds and the food industry to poison and kill your constituents daily. 

Where is the parity between the death you permit and the death you try to avoid? Tell me which deaths are acceptable? You have killed businesses and ruined jobs for thousands in Washington. You have created policy to affect the rural as it does the Urban. Tell me how Waterville and Tonasket compare to Seattle. Should those citizens be brutalized by the urban policy you spread throughout the state?

Please stop the nonsense, open our state, and restore our civil liberties. We all listened to the officials and experts, we tried the distancing but not at the peril of ruining the very motor of the world. Tyranny is the enemy. Open our state.


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By using the term "Chinese Virus" you have claimed a stand politically. This is an animal-borne virus which while it may have started in that country, you would have to call it, the Wuhan Virus.

And wow are you way out there on your reasoning. Because if the Governor follows your advice there would be no job opportunities for jobs with dangerous duties. No longshoremen/women, no police, no firefighters, no hospital staff, no roofers, no 30' ladders for painters, no welders, no flying, no driving, and then I suppose we could eliminate OSHA?

Our Governor, Jay Inslee, is looking out for our most vulnerable and all of the rest of us. Are you the guy that stood behind me in line 3' away laughing out loud talking about how all of this was nonsense without a mask? Best to let this one go and help yourself and others survive this most deadly sickness to those with health conditions, instead of worrying about how YOU need to be treated. This isn't about us as individuals, its about us as a social caring society.


Oh, dear. Your sense of reasoning in this Letter to the Editor is mind-boggling! You are comparing what you call "self-imposed deaths" with a virus that you may unknowingly pass to another unsuspecting person. In this scenario, the unsuspecting person is not self-imposing their death unless they are going against recommendations for social distancing and wearing a mask. You make a statement that if the government wants to curb the dramatic and devastating effects of this virus, then the government should also shut down businesses like McDonald's or others where people may do self-harm to their health. Imagine the day that happens, and people will come out in even more droves over the government not letting them have these businesses or choices for themselves and claim overreach. I would imagine you would be one to write a Letter to the Editor over its unfairness.


Since when is it nonsense to save lives? Jeepers!

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