Letter to the Editor

This federal government shutdown has gone on too long. Businesses, as well as individuals and families, are suffering because of what amounts to a tantrum in the White House, and a failure of a backbone in Congress to stand up to the bully. There are many valid reasons why the White House’s demanded wall is a bad idea.

Even the conservative think tank Cato Institute says to build a border wall would be ineffective and wasteful. Nearly half the illegal immigrants come here on legal visas and become overstayers. The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration reports almost all illegal drugs come through legal entry points, hidden in cars and trucks. And then there are the tunnels.

When border patrol agents were asked what they recommend, they say overwhelmingly they support technology to curb illegal entry. They want more cameras, more sensors and drone surveillance.

Also, building a wall forces the government to take private land, which is just plain wrong.

Wouldn’t that money be better used to help all those Veterans who fought for their country?

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