Letter to the Editor

Mr. Schwartz,

When we met in your office last September and you received some materials that would be useful in having one of your reporters investigate a story about the City of Battle Ground’s wish to allow the construction and operation of a discount gas station and convenience on the fringe of two residential neighborhoods, you also mentioned that we could send in letters to the editor to express our views, and so today I am submitting one.

We have taken all the public comment opportunities allowed, as well as submitting additional research and documentation of the widespread wetlands and parcels within a high water table, which is particularly problematic for contamination in the event of leaks, spillage and tracked deposits of residues onto public roads. Some of the research indicates drips and spills can work their way through concrete and eventually into soil. If that soil is mixed with high groundwater, contamination is on the move.

In three appearances before city council and two other group meetings, we met with indifference and in one case a challenge regarding whether the property rights of the commercial lot owner were equal to the property rights of another. (And the answer to that is one party can “swing their fist” as much as they like, until that fist impacts someone else’s nose. We are that nose.) The City is focused on revenues and has little obvious regard for protecting the environment or the citizens. 

The public comment period closed Feb. 5 at 5 p.m. and a comprehensive submission was delivered two days ago on Feb. 3. We expect to have to pursue legal appeals once they move forward with their revenue enhancement resolution. We shouldn’t have to incur those attorney’s fees. 

The city should be accountable to the voters for how they perform their sworn duties.


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