Letter to the Editor

Testing is an amazing thing.

If we instituted mandatory, comprehensive, nationwide testing on intelligence quotients, we would find an alarming spike in cases of idiocy.

Fortunately, public schools and colleges are staying closed.

Flattening the curve.


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Great letter. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of our public school teachers care about the student's education. The teacher's unions do not care about education, only collecting union dues. Most of our teachers do not teach, they brainwash. They intimidate the kids into believing that if their parents don't do as the teacher's dictate, it will be the end of the world. In reality, the teachers do not like remote learning because parents can listen in on their brainwashing. Neither do they want to teach in the classroom. Basically, they don't want to teach period, but want to get paid. Eliminating the PERS ripoff would go a long way to getting our public schools back on track. It would attract people who are qualified to teach, not because they pay union dues.

Bob Larimer

All true. Thank You for your cogent comment!

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