Country Campus

The currently-closed Kids Country Campus in Battle Ground.

Kid’s Country Campus in Battle Ground has been shuttered following a suspension of the business’ child care license late last month.

As of press deadline, a letter from the state Department of Children, Youth and Families was placed at the front door of the business informing parents of children who previously attended the daycare of the suspension. The letter does not list a specific violation though it notes the license will remain suspended “pending an investigation of an allegation of child abuse and/or neglect.”

The notice assures parents that the decision was “carefully reviewed” before arriving at the suspension, adding the department was mandated to take action to comply with state law. The notice states that a letter had been sent to County Campus’ owner describing the suspension and the business’ right to appeal.

Though a specific violation was not listed, the shuttering of Country Campus follows a report from Portland-area news station Fox 12 late last month about an alleged incident where an infant was burned by a bottle warmer at the facility.

Fox 12 reported that a nine-month-old had crawled over the bottle warmer’s cord, knocking it onto her — the infant was unsupervised at the time. The mother of the infant said the injuries were second-degree burns, with the infant subsequently fighting a fever.

The mother was out of town at the time of the incident in May, according to Fox 12’s report, with a friend picking up the child. The mother was not notified of the incident, finding out after her friend picked up the child.

Fox 12’s report noted that Country Campus self-reported the incident and was cooperating with authorities. Staff called the incident an “unfortunate accident (that) wasn’t anyone’s fault,” according to the news station.

Neither a spokesperson for the Department nor Country Campus could not be reached for comment before press deadline. 

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