Former Clark County Councilor Tom Mielke in 2016.

Former Clark County councilor and Washington state representative Tom Mielke will be seeking to unseat State Sen. Ann Rivers after he announced a write-in campaign late last month.

Mielke, a Republican who most recently served on the Clark County Council until 2017, said in a press release that he was dismayed with Rivers, also a Republican, due to issues on transportation taxes and property tax increases intended to fulfil the McCleary school funding state supreme court decision. He specifically mentioned issues with replacement of the Interstate 5 bridge, referencing the failed Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project he said Rivers was “leading the charge” in restarting.

“Her flip-flop on restarting the CRC that we worked so hard to stop can’t be explained. None of the reasons that made stopping the CRC so important then have changed,” Mielke said in the release. “We do not want nor do we need light rail in Clark County and that is the (only) reason this project was started. It was a bad idea the first time they tried it and it’s now become a terrible idea that will solve none of our cross-river transportation issues. It will do nothing to improve congestion or safety, but it will cause financial hardship on many of the 70,000 plus commuters who will likely have to pay a toll twice, both in Vancouver and then again when Oregon implements their tolling program.”

Mielke said the project would drain hundreds of millions from Clark County residents, “with essentially nothing to show for it that matters, except to the special interests my opponent now represents who will make a fortune.”

Mielke also took issue with Rivers’ co-sponsoring of Democratic Party legislation he said “determines either the genders of those on corporate boards, or those who identify as genders on corporate boards.

“I am a Republican and a Conservative,” Tom wrote in the release. “I know what the people of the 18th District want and unlike my opponent; I will both tell the truth and represent the people and not the special interests that are calling the shots with my opponent.”


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So, you don't deny anything I've written. Got it.

And I really don't care what effects you.

Parallels between Rivers and Biden.

Yeah, I'm going there.

Here's the thing: while the wheels seem to be coming off the Biden campaign in ways that likely will mostly brutalize independents, I am struck by some of the parallels between Rivers and Biden.

Biden, for his part, refuses to answer specific questions about what they are going to do and what they support or oppose. Well, Rivers' issue is that she, like Biden, is a proven liar when it comes to her political issues. Biden's lies are well known to those who care enough to pay attention. River's lies directly and massively impacted our wallets and our lives.

Further, if you visit her campaign website, she refuses to say with specificity, what she will or won't do, what she will or won't support or oppose, and what, for example, her positions are on jacking up our taxes.


Simple: she doesn't want to be held accountable for ANYTHING she does. Which is why, for example, she's cosponsored DEMOCRAT social engineering bills like the hideous 25% of all corporate boards in Washington State must at least IDENTIFY as women that she was so hot to pass.

She's fully signed on to the leftist school of political thought, best illustrated by Steve Stuart right before he took that sweet deal to become a city manager instead of running for reelection so that TriMet could get $5 million off of us in the event we killed their CRC/Loot rail scam:

"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."

Neither does Rivers. Weird, that.

Of course she lied about her opposition to the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in the history of this state in ways that resulted in Clark County picking up a $700 million tab, $500 million of which is going to King County, while Clark County itself gets the crumbs off Rivers' table when it came to these two taxes.

Rivers' character was revealed when she actually blamed the county assessor for the massive property tax increases she jammed down our throat, showing herself incapable of taking responsibility for her actions.

Biden, for his part, refuses to take responsibility for his racism; his codified, "systemic" racism as illustrated in the 94 Crime Act; his multiple racist speeches on the floor of the Senate and elsewhere, his unbridled arrogance towards those who question his judgment, SOOO reminiscent of Ann Rivers' disparaging remarks and tone towards anyone who questions her actions and judgement; and his now documented efforts at extortion and selling out to China, much like Rivers sold us out during her McCleary negotiations by accepting a fat contract with a democrat campaign firm and, of course, her seeming efforts to extort a campaign bribe.

While admittedly Rivers' Biden imitation is at a much smaller scale, some of the comparisons are remarkable.

And what we have are a cult-like group who wouldn't be caught dead voting for Biden who engages in these things on a macro scale, will cheerfully turn around and vote for Rivers who does all this on a micro-scale.

And if Biden wins, as he may (and he will certainly win Washington State) we'll turn around, shake our heads and ask, "With all of the proven corruption, racism and dementia of Biden, how could anyone have voted for him?"

How, indeed.

And the answer is "the same way blinded Republicans will vote for Rivers."

Those who support a corrupt allegedly GOP politician have no moral high ground to question those who supported an equally obviously corrupt democrat.

After all, no one wants to be a hypocrite, do they?

Lew Waters

So sad to see Tom's name misused in this manner by a few disgruntled members of the "OFFICIAL" Clark Republican Party that previously announced they want to see the Democrat win the seat to teach Ann and her supporters a lesson.

They can cry "restart the CRC" all they want, but the need for crossings remains. More Democrats in office only means more of a chance of Portland's financially struggling light rail being the main thrust once again, but winning this time.

Tom Mielke deserves to enjoy his well earned retirement and not be misused in such a manner by political operatives.


So sad to see clueless fake Republicans support someone who helped to bring Clark County an admitted $700 million gas tax/tab fee that she lied about opposing... And then vote for a budget that caused property taxes to explode while lying about actually reducing them... Only to blame the county assessor for the increases her "negotiations" caused... All while she was being hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm.

The need for additional crossings, of which the CRC scam will NOT be one, since it's only purpose is to bring light rail into Clark County, is obvious. Much like it's obvious that spending hundreds of millions and tolling commuters $2000 a year or so will accomplish nothing when it comes to improving freight mobility or commuting times,making this the biggest waste if money in NW history.

Fortunately, this issue will be settled by the voters of the 18th District... Not you... And not me.

And when it comes to being a tool, you have no peer.

Lew Waters

With your efforts over the years to openly support and elect Democrats through the Republican Party, maybe it is you that should declare themselves a Democrat. While it is true I am not in the 18th, I am in Washington State and what passes in Olympia effects me as well, not just you

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