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The entrance to the joint lobby at the Clark County Public Service Center. Changes in open hours made this year seek to save money and make county offices more efficient in processing requests.


Business owners impacted by the recent closure orders due to the novel coronavirus will have the option of paying their business personal property taxes over time with no penalties or collection fees, Clark County Treasurer Alishia Topper announced March 17.

“It is my goal to do what I can during this difficult time to help small business owners who are being impacted by the economic hardship caused by the virus outbreak,” said Topper.

More than 160 business owners in Clark County were delinquent in paying their taxes in 2019 and it is expected with the looming economic hardship facing Clark County business owners in light of forced closure, those numbers will spike. Her office will begin accepting payment plan requests by email on Monday, March 23.

“During our state of emergency I am ceasing all delinquent collection activities and focusing on proactive measures to help businesses with monthly payment plans or temporary freezes on their accounts,” said Topper. “My team will begin reaching out to distressed businesses to offer our understanding and leniency during this difficult time.”

For individual property owners, Topper has the authority under the Governor’s emergency declaration to adjust the property tax due date for those impacted by the state emergency.

“I will be in close contact with statewide and district leaders to determine the best way to ensure our critical services, like first responders, are funded while providing temporary flexibility to taxpayers,” said Topper.

Topper encourages those individuals paying their taxes through escrow or able to pay their property taxes to make payments by the April 30 deadline.

“I am keeping a close watch on current economic conditions and am keenly aware of the hardship many people are facing due to temporary loss of employment. Property taxes are one additional expense that can place people in jeopardy of health or food insecurity,” Topper said.

For updates on tax deadlines please visit the treasurer’s website or For businesses wishing to discuss a current year 2020 business personal property payment plan email


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