When Steakburger closed in 2013 people in Clark County were devastated. That’s why when it opened back up as a food cart near the old Hazel Dell location everyone was thrilled about once again getting to go eat there.

Today though, customers are having to “go” there to get the famous food less and less. That’s because recently Steakburger On the Go (as it’s technically called now) has evolved into just that — on the go.

Tina Condon, owner of Steakburger On the Go, now moves the truck all over Clark County on almost a daily basis. Besides the truck’s original sitting location in Hazel Dell for the last few years at North Park Industrial, it now takes trips to Battle Ground and Ridgefield as well as on occasion will show up at random locations. Last month Condon took the truck to Christmas tree farms, for example.

“My home base has been in Hazel Dell, but what I enjoy the most is traveling around feeding the everyday working individual, and in doing so bringing a smile to one's tummy,” Condon said.

Condon is the third generation of past owners of the Steakburger store. She worked in the store from a young age and even ended up managing one of the multiple franchise locations that used to exist in Clark County as a teenager. She said when her parents sold the business she was not quite ready to let the flavor of Steakburger fade away. That is what sparked her idea to turn it into a food cart. The traveling aspects of the business that occur today are so that everyone can “have a taste of Clark County.”

In case you’re new to the phenomena that is Steakburger, the store specializes in being “ideal for the classical all-American taste bud,” according to Condon.

For those that know the business well already, but haven’t had a taste from the cart yet, Condon and the Steakburger team still serve a lot of the classics such as the “Double Jumbo” and “Hawaiian Chick” burgers. Of course, the famous “Steakburger sauce” is also still around.

“I put my heart into all I serve,” Condon said.

Besides the regular business circuit, Steakburger will come to locations for special activities. This past year they’ve partaken in block parties, class reunions, graduations, weddings, school events, cruise-ins, auctions, festive holiday events, parades, and even small town celebrations. For more information on Steakburger call either 360-727-3788 or 360-989-5081 and ask for Tina Condon.

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