Families gathered to hear Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson speak at Horseshoe Lake Park in Woodland, Wa. Feb. 23

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson will be reading the Bible as part of storytime at the Battle Ground Community Library Thursday, Dec. 12, Gibson announced last week.

According to an event page on Facebook, Gibson will be reading from 7 to 7:45 p.m. at the library, 1207 SE Eighth Way, Battle Ground. The page noted the event would be “highly interactive” with children allowed to answer questions during the event.

Gibson’s readings will “focus on Jesus,” according to the event page, with the Patriot Prayer founder deciding Bible-focused events should be a nationwide movement.

“Many Americans feel they are in a country where God is being ripped out of the society, and children are being indoctrinated,” the event page read.

The reading was described as a “100% non-political event” according to the event Facebook page.

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No one should be allowed to push a single religion in a publicly funded space. What ever happened to separation of church and state? The optics are disturbing.


...sounds like something that belongs in a church, not a library. Be sure he speaks in the fiction section.


...sounds way better than a LGBQTZY reading to my kids about LGBTXYZGF issues. Which, by the way, is also fiction.

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