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Battle Ground massage therapist Eddie Anzalone appears before the judge in Clark County Superior Court March 26. Anzalone faces charges of rape and indecent liberties following reports that he inappropriately touched two victims during massage sessions at Opdahl Chiropractic and Massage in February.

Editor’s note: this article contains graphic details which may be unsuitable for children.

The Washington State Department of Health has officially suspended the license of a Battle Ground massage therapist currently facing charges of rape and indecent liberties, the agency announced last week.

The department has suspended the license of Eddie Anzalone, who in March was arrested by Battle Ground police following an investigation. In their announcement, the department stated Anzalone, 48, has charges of second-degree rape and indecent liberties without forcible consumption, a Class-A and Class-B felony respectively.

The suspension means that “Anzalone cannot practice massage in Washington until the charges are resolved,” according to the announcement, though he has the chance to contest the charges in a hearing. According to a legal document the suspension was officially ordered July 15.

Anzalone had left employment from Opdahl Chiropractic and Massage March 1 — according to a release from the city of Battle Ground at the time of his arrest the business was “fully cooperating with the investigation.”

According to a probable cause affidavit for Anzalone’s arrest, he had inappropriately touched two patients at the business in February. Both victims were seeking treatment from vehicle accidents sustained the prior year.

During a massage on Feb. 27, Anzalone had placed his face “extremely close” to one of the victims which made her uncomfortable, according to the affidavit. He then massaged the victim’s breasts, asking “Do you like it?” multiple times before the victim was able to say “no.”

When the victim asked if she could see another therapist Anzalone asked “Why, are you going to fire me?” and waited at the reception desk following the session, preventing the victim from reporting a complaint, according to the affidavit. The victim later contacted the business’ owner, Monique Opdahl, by phone.

The following day Opdahl asked Anzalone about the allegations which she said he never denied, the affidavit states. On March 1 Anzalone contacted Opdahl to say he had quit.

During a police interview a week later Opdahl had told the officer of a second victim, according to the affidavit. That victim was interviewed later that day, explaining she came forward after learning Anzalone was no longer employed there, wondering if he had been fired due to actions similar to what happened to her.

The second victim, who was receiving treatment due to a vehicle accident in November, explained that on Feb. 15 Anzalone “had brushed over her vagina with both of his hands” over a towel, which she initially thought was a mistake.

A week later the second victim had another appointment with Anzalone toward the end of the day Feb. 22 when the therapist was the only one in the office, the affidavit states. After the victim removed her clothes Anzalone entered the massage room and turned off the lights before the beginning the session, during which he touched the victim’s breasts and vagina.

The second victim recounted in the affidavit being scared, stating “nobody can hear me if I scream” and fearing she would be raped. When Anzalone left the room the victim got dressed and he never mentioned what happened as he let her out of the office that was locked for the day.

According to the state court database, Anzalone is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing Oct. 17.

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