Scott Sorenson

Last week Clark County Fire District 3 announced that Assistant Chief Scott Sorenson will be promoted to fire chief upon the retirement of Fire Chief Steve Wrightson in November. 

“I am honored,” Sorenson told The Reflector last week. “This is an excellent organization and opportunity. Chief Wrightson represents the best in a fire chief and like him, I am committed to continuing Fire District 3's long history of excellent service, sound fiscal management and community involvement.” 

“We will continue the practice of good planning to keep up with the growth,” he said when addressing the continued population growth in the district. “We will work to have right the people, equipment and tools necessary to provide the community the service it needs.” 

Wrightson has been a part of emergency services for over 40 years, 28 of which were spent as fire chief for Fire District 3. 

“I am honored to pass the badge to Scott Sorenson, “he said of his successor. “He is a very capable and experienced fire officer. Scott will carry on the excellence we have all worked so hard to create and maintain.” 

Sorenson, a 1980 Battle Ground High School graduate, has held just about every position other than chief with Fire District 3 since he began as a volunteer in 1979. 

After being hired full-time in 1982, he served in the following roles: career firefighter/EMT, lieutenant, captain, division chief, deputy chief and assistant chief.

He has also been a wildland firefighter, a firefighter for Clark County Fire District 10 and an EMT for North Country EMS. 

Sorenson is a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program, and also has three degrees from local institutions: an associate of science degree in fire protection technology from Portland Community College, a bachelor of science in business administration and a masters of science degree in management and organizational leadership from Warner Pacific College.  

Sorenson lives in Venersborg with his wife and three children.

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