Daniel Cronin 

One of two suspects accused of burglary and arson received a sentence of more than 14 years after pleading guilty to charges related to a house fire in Hockinson on Christmas Eve 2017.

Daniel Cronin, 36, received his sentence July 17 in Clark County Superior Court. He had previously pled guilty to charges of first-degree burglary, theft and arson May 16, according to court documents.

Cronin was one of two men suspected of breaking into a Hockinson home Dec. 24, 2017 and setting fire to the building. The homeowners, Jamon and Chyra Holmgren, returned from an evening church service to find their home in flames. 

Extensive footage was captured on the Holmgren’s home security system of the two men on the day of the arson. It shows them casing the house earlier in the day, then breaking in and stealing all of the electronics they could find (a drone, tablets, computers, a phone), along with jewelry before setting the house on fire with lawnmower gas.

It was an out-of-place gas can that initially led to the speculation of arson, Jamon Holmgren previously told The Reflector around the time of the crime. Police also found blood from one of the suspects at the scene.

Cronin was on the run for more than three weeks before being caught in the St. John’s neighborhood of Portland. He was arrested after his alleged accomplice, Joshua Roland, 31, was caught Jan. 5, 2017, also in Portland.

According to the state court database, Roland is scheduled for a pre-trial appearance Aug. 15.

Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Haukaas contributed to this report 

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