COVID-19 graph

A graph showing the daily number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, as well as a curve of cumulative cases, updated to June 30. The left axis shows the number of new cases per day based on date of testing, while the right shows the cumulative number.

The latest numbers of confirmed COVID-19 in Clark County show 17 more positive cases as a decision on whether or not the county can move into the next phase of reopening is still pending.

Clark County Public Health’s June 30 update puts the total number of cases at 843 since the outbreak began.

Public Health’s update noted that a graph it publishes alongside new cases has shown a spike in recent days. According to the latest graph, June 26 and June 28 both had 29 cases verified on each day — the highest single-day verifications since May 27 where 30 were verified, and tied with May 22 for the days with the second-highest number of verifications.

The spike in confirmed cases comes at a time when Clark County is seeking to enter into Phase 3 of “Safe Start Washington,” submitting an application to the Washington State Department of Health June 26. One of the criteria is for newly-diagnosed cases of the disease to be under a 25-per-100,000-person threshold over a two-week period, which as of latest data Clark County still remains under with 15.4 per 100,000.

Public Health notes that the two-week period starts six days before the current date, meaning the past few days’ spike in cases is not reflected in that latest rate.

As of Public Health’s newest COVID-19 numbers there was no new information on the status of Clark County’s Phase 3 application.


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