The fees to reclaim a lost pet picked up in unincorporated Clark County by Clark County Animal Protection and Control or community members will increase on Jan. 1 by $15 per animal. Fees are set on a graduated scale and increase with the number of times an animal is picked up. The increases are: $25 to $40 for first impound in a 12-month period, $50 to $65 for the second and $100 to $115 for a third or more.

Clark County charges an impound fee, which is collected by the Humane Society of Southwest Washington (HSSW) at time of redemption. This includes all animals picked up in unincorporated Clark County and housed by HSSW. This money goes toward Animal Control services, services to intake, house and return animals to their families.

Pet owners reclaiming their animals at the shelter must pay all applicable fees at the time of redemption, including impoundment and boarding fees. Transportation, medical and licensing fees may also apply. The complete fee schedule is on the Humane Society website at

“While owner redemption fees do not cover what the county pays HSSW 100%, they are in line with other regional animal shelters. The cost of housing and care is subsidized by county taxpayers and HSSW’s donors,” Animal Protection and Control manager Susan Anderson said in a news release. “The annual increase over the next four years mirrors the increases in impound fees.”

According to the release, Vancouver and smaller cities have separate contracts for animal sheltering services. The Humane Society sheltered approximately 1,850 animals for Clark County in 2019.

“We have a long history of working with Clark County Animal Protection and Control to reunite families with their pets,” Vice President of Shelter Operations Megan Dennis said. “HSSW provides high-quality, compassionate care to animals as they are reconnected with their families or rehomed. Providing this service to the community costs money. An increase in the redemption fee will help support the animal control services, veterinary care, housing, and reuniting or rehoming efforts to the community’s animals.”

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