Attendees fill the midway during opening day for the 2018 Clark County Fair

Aug. 1

Open Class  Hobbies and Class

Youth under 6

Best of Division: Rylie Govern, Damascus, Oregon. Reserve of Division: Tristian Meyericks, Damascus, Oregon.

Youth 6 to 11 years

Best of Division: Charis Hwang, Vancouver. Reserve of Division: Zachary Muelheim, Battle Ground.

Youth 12 to 17

Best of Division: Emeline Wolff, Woodland. Reserve of Division: Emeline Taylor, Hockinson.


Best of Division: Gene Will, Vancouver. Reserve of Division: Cynthia Geelan, Woodland.


Best of Division: Bob Horsley, Vancouver. Reserve of Division: Pam Schwartz, Vancouver. 

Best Displayed Entry: John Critchfield, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Nelson Holmberg, Vancouver. Most Educational: Michael Altig, Vancouver. Best Displayed Entry Honorable Mention: Sannon Carlson, Vancouver. Best Workmanship: Hal Stevens, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Bob Roski, Vancouver. Most Original: Shana Stewart, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Allison Domingos, Battle Ground. Best Use of Recycled Materials: Dave Coonrad, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Dwight Bartlet, Vancouver. Most Unusual: Nancy Bartlett, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Duke DesRoches, Brush Prairie.

Best Fair Themed: Archer Phillips, Ridgefield. Honorable Mention: Taylor Wagner, Vancouver.


Judges Choice: Holly Carstensen, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Lauryn Campbell, Vancouver.

Costruction Toys

Judges Choice: Tyler Dick, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Liam Dailey, Vancouver. 

Children’s Artwork

Judges Choice: Cameron Howard, Washougal. Honorable Mention: Malia Frazier, Vancouver.


Judges Choice: Kathleen Duncan, Ridgefield. Honorable Mention: Toby Schultz, Battle Ground.

Superintendent’s Choice: Crafts 

Emeline Wolff, Woodland. Honorable Mention: Dewena Carlson, Ridgefield. 

Superintendent’s Choice: Construction Toys

Tyler Hartlauer, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Keith Angell, Portland.

Superintendent’s Choice: Children’s Artwork 

Taylor Wagner, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Boguhn, Kalama. 

Superintendent’s Choice: Woodcraft

Hal Stevens, Vancouver. Honorable Mention: Kathleen Duncan, Ridgefield.

Aug. 2

Daily Agricultural and Education Display Awards

Educational Display Winner: 4H Shooting Sports

Best Theme 1st Half: 4H Goats

4H Plant Science

Garden Division

Jr. Champion, Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield. Sr. Champion, Emily Graham, La Center. Sr. Reserve  Champion, Hannah Graham, La Center.  Lily: Jr. Champion, Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield. Carrots: Jr. Reserve  Champion, Elizabeth Galli, Vancouver. Hydrangea: Int., Champion, Heather Christenson, Ridgefield. Special Award, Randi Richards, Ridgefield. 

Zinnia: Int. Reserve  Champion, Marah Klemz, Battle Ground. Bush Beans: Sr. Champion, Caden Peru, Vancouver. Clematis: Sr. Reserve  Champion, Clara Smith, Battle Ground.

Tomato: Special Award, Elizabeth Galli, Vancouver. Purple Beans: Superintendent’s Award, Hannah Graham, La Center. Cinnamon Dahlia: Judges Award, Hannah Graham, La Center.


Best of Show: Emily Graham, La Center. Sr. Champion: Valerie Schmidt, Battle Ground. 

Sr. Reserve  Champion: Emily Graham, La Center. Int. Champion: Lucy Crouse, Vancouver. 

Int. Reserve  Champion: Megan Coder, Battle Ground. Jr. Champion: Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield. Jr. Reserve  Champion: Jalise Chatman, Ridgefield. Judges Choice: Emily Graham, La Center. Janessa Chatman, Ridgefield. Madeline Coder, Battle Ground. Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield. Megan Coder, Battle Ground. Superintendent’s Choice: Aliza Cummins, Vancouver. Sara Baldwin, Battle Ground. Emily Graham, La Center. Special Award: Janessa Chatman, Ridgefield. Emily Graham, La Center. Heather Christenson, Ridgefield. Valerie Schmidt, Battle Ground. Janessa Chatman, Ridgefield. Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield. 

9 Blues: Emily Graham, La Center. 8 Blues: Janessa Chatman, Ridgefield. Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield. 7 Blues: Jalise Chatman, Ridgefield. 5 Blues: Sara Baldwin, Battle Ground. 2 Blues: Aliza Cummins, Vancouver. Lucy Crouse, Vancouver. Blue: Makayla Loose, Battle Ground. Madeline Coder, Battle Ground. Megan Coder, Battle Ground. Heather Christenson, Ridgefield. Grady Gardner, Ridgefield.

Aug. 3

Agricultural and Education Award Winner: MLJ Ranch

Educational Display Winner: WSU Master Food Preservers

Open Class Veggie/Fruit

Youth under 8

Best of Division: Louis Galli, Vancouver

Youth  (9-16)

People’s Choice: Elizabeth Davenport, Battle Ground. Best of Division: Elise Christenson, Woodland.  


Superintendent’s Choice: Betty Adamas, Battle Ground. Best of Division: Allison Klemz, Battle Ground. Judges Choice, Dean Bottemiller, Vancouver.

Open Class  Needlework


Judges Choice - Machine: Ferralyn Chezik, Ridgefield. Judges Choice - Hand: Tomi Hanson, Vancouver. Special Award - Recycle: Tammy Thornton, Ridgefield. Special Award - Youth: Zelda Johnson, Battle Ground. Superintendent’s Award Kathy Schoenborn, Vancouver. Most Points - Senior: Rita Allen, Ridgefield. CCQ Best of Show - Youth: Zelda Johnson, Battle Ground. CCQ Best of Show - Adult: Sue Holmes.


Special Award - Youngest: Hailey Maplethorpe, Battle Ground.


Judges Choice - Adult: Mona Ott, Vancouver. Special Award - Oldest: Bernice Bartel, Ridgefield. 

Cross Stitch

Judges Choice - Senior: Dale Coffield, Vancouver. 

Wall Hanging

Judges Choice - Youth: Emeline Wolff, Woodland. Special Award: Kathy Schoenborn, Vancouver. Most Points - Youth: Mylee Whitney, Vancouver. Mary Burr Award: Kathy Schoenborn, Vancouver.


Most Points - Adult: Lori Moss, Vancouver. 

Open Class Beekeeping

Superintendent’s Award: Lanny Hammett, Vancouver. Judges Choice: Lynn Cooke, Vancouver. Sweepstakes Award: Bob and Brenda Calvert, Brush Prairie.

Open Class Wool

Hampshire Fleece

Timmi Winthers, Washougal.

Romney Fleece

Sue Kalina, Albany.

Natural Colored Romney

Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

Suffolk Fleece

Timmi Winthers, Washougal.

Border Leicester Fleece

Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

Black Border Leicester Fleece

JoAnn Scibek, Battle Ground.

Other Recognized Breed Fleece

Madeline Coder, Battle Ground.

Mkt. Down Fleece

Timmi Winthers, Washougal.

Mkt. Fine Fleece

Cindy Johnson, Adna.

Mkt. Medium Fleece

Brenda Miller, Woodburn, Oregon.

Mkt. Coarse Fleece

Stephanie Booren, Salem, Oregon.

Natural Colored Fine Fleece

Sharon Rowland, Battle Ground.

White Ram Fleece

Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

Natural Colored Ram

Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

Lamb Fleece Fine

Cindy Johnson, Adna.

Lamb Fleece Medium

Kajsa Winther, Washougal.

Lamb Fleece Coarse

Toni Scholder, Winlock.

Lamb Fleece Down

Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

Lamb NC Fine

Sharon Rowland, Battle Ground.

Lamb NC Medium

Toni Scholder, Winlock.

Lamb NC Coarse

Toni Scholder, Winlock.


Grand Champion: Sharon Rowland, Battle Ground. Reserve Grand Champion: Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

Lamb Fleece

Champion: Sharon Rowland, Battle Ground. Reserve  Champion: Toni Scholder, Winlock.

Ram Fleece

Champion: Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground. Reserve  Champion: Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

NC Fleece

Champion: Sharon Rowland, Battle Ground. Reserve  Champion: Toni Scholder, Winlock.

Market Fleece

Champion: Timmi Winthers, Washougal. Reserve  Champion: Stephanie Booren, Salem, Oregon.

Breed Fleece

Champion: Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground. Reserve  Champion: Madeline Coder, Battle Ground.

Aug. 4

Agricultural and Education Award Winner: Open Class  Beef

Educational Display Award Winner: Fine Arts - Richard Kilpatrick

Educational - Special Award Winner: Ft. Vancouver Knitters

4-H Fine Arts

Junior Division

Champion: Cheyanne Valitalo, Yacolt. Reserve  Champion: Jalise Chatman, Ridgefield.


Champion: Summer Richardson, Ridgefield. Reserve  Champion: Heather Christenson, Ridgefield. 


Champion: Abigail Forrester, Brush Prairie. Reserve  Champion: Emily Graham, La Center.

Intermediate (special)

2 Special: Kaitlyn Hann, Vancouver. Special: Heather Christenson, Ridgefield. Summer Richardson, Vancouver. Shannah Forrester, Brush Prairie.

Senior (special)

Jed Mitchell, Brush Prairie.

Junior (special)

Alexander Hadlock, Battle Ground

4-H Creative Arts


Champion and Reserve  Champion: Makayla Loose, Battle Ground. Special: Lily Chamberlain, Camas.


Champion: Collin Horrocks, La Center. Reserve  Champion: Booke Jackman, Ariel.  Special: Lucy Crouse, Vancouver. Special: Grace Mayhugh, Camas. Kaitlyn Hann, Vancouver.


Champion: Karoline Loose, Battle Ground. Reserve  Champion: Abigail Pierson, Camas. Special: Clara Johnston, Vancouver. Alexander Hadlock, Battle Ground.

4-H Food and Nutrition


Champion: Sara Baldwin, Battle Ground. Reserve  Champion: Sydney Dean, Ridgefield. Blue: Natalie Dean, Ridgefield.  Intermediate Champion: Meredith Meats, Vancouver. Reserve  Champion: Raegan Boyse, La Center. Blue: Mia Achziger, La Center. Red: Heather Christenson, Ridgefield. 

4-H Environmental Science


Champion, Blue: Bailey Anderson, Ridgefield.

International Cross Culture Champion, 3 Blues: Lucca Pfenning, Vancouver. Reserve  Champion, Blue: Dario Pfenning, Vancouver. 

4-H Engineering and Technology


Champion, Blue: Bailey Anderson, Ridgefield. Reserve  Champion, Blue: Talen Graham, Ridgefield. Blue, Red: Grady Gardner, Ridgefield. Blakeley Gardener, Ridgefield.


Champion, Blue: Bailey Anderson, Ridgefield.

Comp Tech/Service

Superintendent’s Choice, Blue: Evan Fish, Camas. Champion, Blue: Kaydon Holl, Ridgefield. Special Award, Blue: Emilia Oldham, Ridgefield. 4 Blues: Luke Waldo, Ridgefield. 3 Blues: Randi Richards, Ridgefield. Ian Dunning, Ridgefield. 2 Blues: Alama Wood, Amboy. Ethan Oldham, Ridgefield. Nicole Hayes, Vancouver. Lucca Pfenning, Vancouver. Mia Aachzinger, La Center. Sara Baldwin, Battle Ground. Breana Wood, Amboy. Blue: Carys Dunning, Ridgefield. Dylan Dempsey, La Center. Tyler Popham, Vancouver. Emma Waddle, Ridgefield. Raegan Boyse, La Center. McKenna Kessinger, Vancouver. Kiely Fuller, Vancouver. Nick Millett, Ridgefield. Karissa Sorenson, Battle Ground. Willow Robinson, Ridgefield. Tristen Tavison, Brush Prairie. Grace Maybough, Camas. White: Joe Dempsey, La Center. 

Open Class Clothing

Sewing - Adult

Superintendent’s Choice: Keith Bellisle, Woodland. Special Award: Dewena Carlson, Vancouver.

Sewing - Junior

Kian Boonabi-Mirfathal, Vancouver. Amiah Langlitz, Battle Ground.

Sewing - Youth

Judges Choice: Jessica Roesch, Vancouver.

Sewing - Senior

Janell Lundgren, Vancouver.

Crochet - Senior

Geri Abbe, Camas. Mary Jo Haslem, Battle Ground.

Youngest Exhibitor Special Award: Vonette Holcomb, Vancouver.

Oldest Exhibitor

Marion Bernards, Ridgefield.

Knitting - Senior

Judges Choice: Deb Loundagin, Amboy. Honorable Mention: Christine Ward, Battle Ground.

Woven - Youth

Nora Longford, Vancouver. 

Homespun Yarn

Naomi Royle, Woodland.

Wearable Art

Mary McCarthy, Yacolt.

Education Exhibit

Special Award: Harriot Hatch, Vancouver. 

Crochet - Adult

Honorable Mention: Amy Parks, Longview.

Recycled Materials

Elsie Thompson Award: Carol Lindauer, Vancouver. 

Open Class Rabbit


Champion: Grace Jackson, Camas.

New Zealand

Reserve  Champion: Maleia Smith, Wahkiacus.


Champion and Reserve Champion: Cheyenne Callan, Vancouver.

Open Class Goat Cheese

Soft Fresh

First: Kathie Wheeler, Ariel. Second: Jennifer Popham, Vancouver. Third: Brenda Yoho, Brush Prairie.

Fresh Pressed

First and Second: Brenda Yoho, Brush Prairie. Third: Amy Dunning, Ridgefield. 


First, Second and Third: Kathi Wheeler, Ariel.

Youth Fresh Pressed

First: Haley Popham, Vancouver. Second: Carys Dunning, Vancouver. Third: Kieley Fuller, Ridgefield.

4-H Kitchen

Quick to Fix

Judges Choice, Blue: Alyssa Franklin, Vancouver


Blue: Grady Gardner, Ridgefield. Grace Shirley, La Center.

Red: Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield.


Blue: Jordan Mann, Vancouver.

Lunch on the Go 

Participation: Jenna Meats, Vancouver.


Blue: Grace Shirley, La Center.

Open Class Photography

Pro Sweepstakes

First: Marcus Heinrich, Vancouver. Second: Kevan Bowker, Portland, Oregon. Third: Katherine Fennelly, Vancouver.

4-H Fashion Revue


Champion: Jalise Chatman, Ridgefield. Reserve  Champion: Aliza Cummins, Vancouver. 


Champion: Janessa Chatman, Ridgefield.


Champion: Emily Graham, La Center. Reserve  Champion: Makayla Loose, Battle Ground. Superintendent’s Award: Blakeley Gardner, Ridgefield. 

Open Class Floral

Gifts from the Garden

Judge’s Choice: Sharon Kitashima, Battle Ground.

Celebrating Jobs

Best Design and Trophy: Carole Schaldt, Milwaukie, Oregon. 


Best of Division and Horticulture Trophy: Lindsey Adams, Battle Ground.


Best of Division: Linda Hoffman, Ridgefield.

Annuals/Perennials, Landscape Oriental, Vines

Best of Division and Superintendent’s Choice: Sharon Kitashima, Battle Ground.

Container Gardening

Kimber Lee, La Center.


Larry Smith, Portland, Oregon.

Ornamental Grass, Gladiola

J. Schwartz, Vancouver.


Margaret Snitzler, Vancouver.


Best of Division and Horticulture Trophy: Lindsey Adams, Battle Ground. Best of Division: Kayleigh Downey, Vancouver. Clara Downey, Vancouver. People’s Choice: Brody Will, Vancouver.

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