Last year the Clark County Equine Foundation was formed as a nonprofit with a unique goal in mind — helping other nonprofits. 

“We saw a need to have a nonprofit that could help all the local horse-related nonprofits in the community,” said president of the foundation Samantha Sandford. 

The CCEF comprises members Dennis Kampe, Laura Venneri, John Lane, Kelly Kidd and Sandford. 

Their hope is to support all the equine-related activities and projects around Clark County, such as 4H groups and school equestrian teams. They saw the need when these such organizations didn’t have the resources for adequate funding, said Sandford. 

Their first project is the relocation of the Clark County Saddle Club to a more effective property, as their current one has been surrounded by housing and development and their buildings are outdated. 

They have found a space — a 20-acre parcel between Battle Ground and Brush Prairie on the west side of Route 503 — but have hit a snag. 

“They have a shortfall in funds,” Sanford said of the relocation efforts. “Our goal as a foundation is to help with that relocation, to create awareness in the community.” 

In addition to the original purchase of the property, CCSC will also require funding in order to build the facilities necessary for a fully-functional club. 

There is over $500,000 still needed.

 As CCEF continues to work on the funding and eventual moving of CCSC, Sanford said they are also “looking for opportunities to help other organizations, some of the local 4H clubs and equestrian teams.” 

While their efforts may aid in uniting the varying equine groups in the county, they also hope to build awareness in the community. CCEF said a lot of horses are being pushed out of the area, and these organizations, especially those involved with youths, are being ignored. 

CCEF is in the process of applying for grants but are currently only surviving on donations. 

“We would love for (people) to donate, if they have a passion for kids and for helping keep horses in our community,” Sanford said.

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