Repair Cafe

Seamstresses work on items during an August 2017 iteration of the Clark County Repair Café. This year 10 different events across the county are planned, following 2018 where more than 800 items were fixed at the event.

The worldwide Repair Café movement has been going strong in Clark County for about two years and 2019 isn’t looking any different with 10 different events planned. 

Repair Clark County, the program that hosts the volunteer-staffed events, recently announced their 2019 lineup, also providing statistics from last year’s slate of offerings. The events allow community members the opportunity to bring in broken items of a variety of types to be worked on by skilled “fixers.”

In 2018, 855 items were repaired at 11 events with about an 84 percent repair rate, according to a news release. Of items fixed in 2018, 37 were bicycles, 136 were appliances and 112 were miscellaneous electronics. Other work included sewing repairs on more than 150 items and sharpening around 300 items.

“People can’t believe we were able to fix their items and they’re so grateful, especially when it’s an item that holds sentimental or practical value,” program coordinator Terra Heilman said in a news release. She added that they are always looking for new help.

“We need about 35 volunteers to pull off one of these events,” Heilman said. Apart from those looking to use their tinkering skills, other volunteers such as social media and item/supply runners are also needed.

“We will find a role that fits your skills and make sure you enjoy the events,” Heilman said. “This gives volunteers a real chance to serve their community and feel a sense of pride.”

Would-be volunteers are directed to email at or call at (360) 882-0936 ext. 224.

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