Qualifying homes can receive a doubled rebate through Clark Public Utilities for insulation and window replacement.

In conjunction with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Clark Public Utilities has doubled the rebate incentives it offers on select home improvements such as insulation and window replacement. 

“Our whole goal is to save electrical energy,” Clark Public Utilities Energy Services Supervisor DuWayne Dunham said. “Beyond that, customers get to save money and be more comfortable.”

According to Dunham, the weatherization program has been around for many years and includes replacements such as duct sealing, door replacement and insulation renovation.  The rebates for insulation and window replacement doubled this month in a push from the BPA. Dunham explained that the home improvements are good for both the consumer and Clark Public Utilities. Dunham said along with the doubled rebate, consumers can expect to see a lower electricity bill after home improvements. 

Dunham said to qualify for the rebate all homes need to be heated by electricity and have all improvements done by a Clark Public Utilities approved contractor. 

“The contractor does most of the work,” Dunham explained.

He said contractors compete all the paperwork and replacements while Clark Public Utilities cuts the consumer a check for the replacements after the improvements are done. 

“After the contractor is finished, we offer to come out and do an inspection for free,” Dunham said.

Most of the 16 PUD contractors follow a checklist for improvements and nearly always pass the inspection, he said. 

Improvements that qualify for the doubled rebate are window and insulation replacements. Insulation can be replaced in attics, floors and walls.

“On insulation, it’s per square foot,” Dunham said.

Incentives for replacement doubled to $0.40, $0.50 and $1.20 per square foot respectively, he said. Windows doubled from $2 to $4 (per square foot) for double pane windows and $3 to $6 for triple pane windows.

Dunham said most homes built after 1990 do not qualify for the program because they are already energy efficient enough, with a few exceptions every now and then. 

To see if a home qualifies for the program, homeowners can call the energy counselor of the day desk by calling (360) 992-3355 or by sending an email to

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