Throughout the years, much of the local art talent has relied on events such as the Battle Ground Art Show and the Ladybug Bazaar to show and sell their work to the community. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these local shows are canceled, so local artists are thinking of new ways to show their art to the community. Michelle Griffin, a Battle Ground mixed media artist, is working with other local artists to put together an “Open Studio Craft Show” for the community from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 7. 

Griffin has been a mixed media artist for about 15 years now. When she started out, Griffin was building outdoor planter boxes, and now is building sculptures, birdhouses and more out of recycled goods. As a full time artist she normally does around 16 art shows a year. Because of cancellations of events, Griffin felt that other artists in the community needed a platform to sell their work and therefore got to work on the Open Studio Tour. While she works on recycled art, Griffin said patrons can expect to see arts of all different kinds on the tour, such as paintings, mosaics and possibly even food. 

In the Open Studio Tour, Battle Ground artists will showcase and sell their work to the community directly from their studios and/or homes. 

Griffin explained that each artist will set their own prices and sell whatever art they want. As of early October, Griffin said she expects around 15 to 20 artists to be participating in the event. Community members will drive around visiting the artists of their choice, seeing their studio and looking at their art. Griffin explained that in a normal bazaar, many patrons don’t get a glimpse into the life of the artist and could be surprised when they see how little a studio is. 

“You also get the chance to see how artists set up their studio,” she said.

Griffin said some artists have even paired up with local businesses such as Literary Leftovers in Battle Ground to set up and showcase their art. While many local businesses already showcase local artists, such as Urban Basics in Battle Ground, some new ones will be showcasing for the event. As the date gets closer, Griffin said she will have a map for patrons to view of all the artists participating. 

As the event draws closer, look for additional information in The Reflector. 


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