Habitat store

Storefront for the Habitat for Humanity in Vancouver, July 7. 

Housing prices in Clark County have been a discussion among many different government meetings, dinner tables and since 1991, also at the Evergreen affiliate for the National non-profit, Habitat for Humanity. 

According to Zillow.com, the median home value in Clark County is $352,200, 4.2% higher than last year. Because of this, the local chapter of Habitat For Humanity is taking part in the national Habitat campaign, “Cost of Home.” 

Launched on June 12, this campaign aims to lower the cost of living across the nation through political efforts in four areas: supply and preservation of homes, access to credit, land use and communities of opportunity. 

“Today, one in six families pay half or more of their income on their rent or mortgage, often choosing between paying for housing or nutritious food, reliable transportation or healthcare needs,” Habitat staff state in their announcement. “That is unacceptable.”

Josh Townsley, executive director of Evergreen Habitat for Humanity echoed those statements, adding that the Evergreen chapter is going to continue to be an active voice in the community and the county as well as speaking up in state government. 

“We do quite a bit of work at the state level with other Washington State Habitat for Humanity affiliates,” he said. “This year, Habitat as well as other housing non-profits, advocated for the housing trust fund to be fully funded by the legislature at $200 million for affordable homeownership and affordable rental opportunities as well as tenant protections.”

Habitat for Humanity has made moves all over the country for their Cost of Home campaign. From increasing the Minneapolis Affordable Housing Trust Fund to putting a halt to legislation in Indiana that could have expanded predatory short-term lending in the state.

Townsley repeated that this campaign is an organized effort of Habitat for Humanity groups around the country, but the local Clark County chapter has plenty of opportunities for those who wish to volunteer in the organization. 

“Volunteering and donating to Habitat and other great affordable housing organizations here in Clark County is just a way to speak with your dollars and your time and invest to make sure we are doing all we can for families in Clark County,” he said. 

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