Although most fence contractors tend to be busier during the spring and summer months, experts in the fencing industry say they generally work all year.

For those wanting faster service when getting a fence installed or repaired, the experts at Cascade Fence & Deck, based out of Vancouver, say winter may be the best time since they are usually slower in those months. However, for those wanting cedar fencing installed, they suggest waiting for dry weather when it’s best to apply stain or finish.

Although all different types of fencing have their pros and cons, the choice of fence ultimately comes down to its application as well as the personal taste of the homeowner. 

“Each option of fence will have specific benefits depending on its application,” the team at Cascade Fence & Deck said. “We recommend setting up a consultation with a fencing contractor who can identify your personalized needs and recommend the best option for you. Not all fences are made equally, so paying attention to the types of materials and grades of cedar being used on your fence is important.”

Some questions that fencing experts suggest customers as their fence contractor include:

• What type of post do you recommend?

• What grade of fence pickets do you use?

• What types of nails/fasteners do you use? (Using aluminum nails prevents black streaks on your cedar fence, using stainless steel fasteners on vinyl prevents rust marks).

• How much concrete do you use in each post hole?

Here are some fencing options and some of the pros and cons of each, according to the experts at Cascade Fence & Deck:


Cedar pros: According to those in the fencing industry, cedar fences are hands down the most popular option in the Pacific Northwest. Western Red Cedar is durable, eco-friendly and stylish. Because it’s a native species, cedar trees produce lumber that naturally resists rot and regional insects.  

Cedar stands up to the Pacific Northwest’s rainy winters and wet springs. When paired with a steel post, and maintained properly, cedar fences can last upwards of 30 years. Steel posts will not rot or warp, so the fence rails and pickets will eventually need to be replaced before the steel post have seen their lifetime.     

Cedar cons: Because cedar is wood, it can be unpredictable depending on the grade of wood you choose. Low quality cedar fence boards may warp, crack or split. Wood posts may also rot out at the ground in a short matter of time, or the post can warp and twist. Cedar fences also require maintenance, such as staining and moss/mold removal.

Chain link

Chain link pros: Chain link fencing offers security, durability and low maintenance, as well as affordability. If privacy is a concern, chain link slats can be provided in a variety of colors. Black chain link is a great alternative to the industrial look of galvanized metal. Chain link is often used along green spaces, or places where a security border is need, but an open view is still desired.

Chain link cons: Although chain link is becoming more popular, many still resist using it in a residential setting due to the affiliation with commercial or industrial settings.


Vinyl pros: Vinyl fencing enhances the beauty of any yard and is extremely low maintenance. A vinyl fence never needs painting or staining, it will not yellow, rust, rot or decay, and offers strength and durability under all weather conditions.

As experts in the fencing industry like to call it, it is a “forever fence.” For those who only want to replace a fence once, vinyl is a great option.

Vinyl cons: Many people like the benefits of vinyl, but prefer the looks of cedar.


With its elegant charm, ornamental fencing can add the perfect touch to any home. This fencing is well-suited for securing your pool or complimenting your landscape. Ornamental fences are timeless and another great option if you are in the market for a “forever fence.” Ornamental fences are low maintenance as well. 

Cascade Fence & Deck provides expert fence installation with all of the materials mentioned above and in a variety of styles. They also have fence materials available for purchase, so for anyone planning a DIY project, they can offer their professional advice and send customers on their way with everything they need for their forever fence. 

Cascade Fence & Deck is located at 4415 NE Minnehaha St., in Vancouver. In Washington, they serve the communities of Ridgefield, Washougal, Battle Ground, La Center, Hazel Dell, Yacolt and surrounding areas. They also serve customers in several areas of Oregon. For more information, visit their website at or call (360) 892-5478.  

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