Ridgefield’s Take Your Parent to School Day deemed a success

Cooper Miller, a kindergartener at Union Ridge Elementary School, sits with his dad in teacher Josie Bleth's classroom. 

For one day a year, instead of asking their child “what did you do at school today?” Ridgefield parents can find out firsthand by joining their child on a trip through the classroom. Ridgefield’s second annual Take Your Parent to School Day brought in hundreds of parents to different schools across the city.

Students at all schools in the district had the opportunity to bring their parents with them for a partial or a full day of class. In most classes, parents were able to participate alongside their child as some of them conducted experiments, planned podcasts or ran in gym class. Union Ridge Elementary School broke the record for the largest number of parents participating with over 300 parents tagging along with their children during the school day. South Ridge Elementary also had a large turnout with about 200 parents attending. South Ridge Principal Jill Neyenhouse led a presentation on social and emotional learning to a lunchroom filled with parents.

Sunset Ridge Intermediate School had 120 parents attend while View Ridge Middle School hosted 70 parents. Twenty-five parents came to Ridgefield High School for activities and classes as well. According to a news release, at every grade level, parents welcomed the opportunity to see students and teachers in action. Parent Leslie Koch joined her son, Levi, in choir.

Ridgefield’s Take Your Parent to School Day deemed a success

Dresdent Wachsnicht sits with his mom, Amy, in Jessica Verpoorten’s kindergarten classroom at Union Ridge Elementary School.

“I love it! I’m so glad I came,” she said.

While there is only one Take Your Parent to School Day each year, parents are always welcome as volunteers in the schools. Background checks are required, and volunteer forms can be obtained at the school office.

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