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The University of Washington has announced that 46 area students made the dean’s list for the fall 2019 quarter at the university. To qualify for the list, a student must have completed at least 12 graded credits and have a grade point average of at least 3.5 out of 4. The students are listed alphabetically by home town below.

Battle Ground

Henry Michael Baker, freshman

Andrea Besara, junior

Rahul Chandra, junior

Greta Anna Dankmeyer Dubois, sophomore

Vivian K Duong, senior

Abi Jean Elerding, senior

Makenzie Marie Hallstrom, freshman

Kaitlyn Marie Hill, senior

Julia S Mitsch, junior

Azaria Arianna Nyamekye, freshman

Kylie Helene Sahota, senior

Levi Jonathan Sy, senior

Cheylani Mae Wilson, sophomore

Brush Prairie

John William Broer, sophomore

Marissa Eve Bulder, freshman

Brian David Chan, senior

Jackson Michael Finklein, junior

Lauren Elizabeth Hapgood, freshman

Alex Min Ko, senior

Sarah Elizabeth Pohle, freshman

Sara K Stark, senior

Robert D Vesely, junior

La Center

Payton Bissell, junior

Katherine Chenfan Daugherty, sophomore

Megumi Masako-Moehlman Hosaka, senior

Alexander J Tetz, junior

Emily Grace Weil, junior


Kokoro Abe, senior

Amy Grace Bishop-Smith, freshman

Helena L Bockstadter, freshman

Everett James Buck, sophomore

Gabrielle Jan Davin, sophomore

Natalie Clare Eussen, junior

Nathan James Kessi, freshman

James Maxwell Kunetz, sophomore

Colin James Stone, junior

Sophie Joan Tajadod, junior

Emily Rose Torjusen, senior

Max Philip VanArnam, senior

Erica Voyles, junior

Andrew J Williams, sophomore


Patrick Lee Forcier, senior

Michael Paul Gabalis, junior

Jacob Harlan Laes, junior

Omar Najar, junior

Lynnea Brianne Rayl, junior

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