As if anyone needed more proof that kids are watching, the newest chiropractor to hang his shingle in Battle Ground is another fine example.

“I grew up next to a DC/ND (Doctor of Chiropratic/Naturopathic Medicine) that combined both (medical specialties) together. Seeing how he treated patients and their response to treatment made me want to go down that path. He took people in pain and they left no longer in pain and that made an impact on me,” said Eli Hudson, an ND/DC himself.

Hudson opened Hudson Integrative Health on North Parkway back in April. At 26 years old, he is a certified DC/ND. He describes the two approaches to patient care as synergistic when combined. Whereas chiropractors treat injuries and ailments from the outside in, naturopathic treats issues from the inside out. Equipped with both perspectives, Hudson seeks to approach the body more as a whole and employ natural therapies such as herbs, diet and lifestyle changes before reaching for pharmaceutical remedies.

Hudson’s career path has been both focused and impressive, graduating from the University of Western States with his DC in 2014 and earning his ND from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2018. Hard work and drive are a common thread in his upbringing and one he shares with his wife of two years, Allison.

Over the last several months the couple and their family put in long hours to make improvements on the exterior of the brick house built in 1925 they took over. The dilapidated fence was repaired, a retaining wall was rebuilt, overgrown bushes were pulled out, new landscaping was planted, the parking lot was power washed and new lines were painted to provide patients with convenient, off-street parking.

Inside, Allison tackled painting and cozying up the space that formerly housed counseling offices. The investment that Hudson is most proud of, though, is the new lab that he installed, including everything from countertops to cabinets to plumbing.  

From the ND side, he is trained in minor surgeries and IV therapy. As a result, the lab inside Hudson Integrative Health has already received support from area chiropractors interested in collaborating to have Dr. Hudson perform blood draws to test for bodily inflammation.

Setting himself apart from a traditional chiropractor, Hudson is excited to bring prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) to the community. According to Hudson, on its simplest level, prolotherapy addresses osteoarthritis, long-term injuries and other chronic pain by injecting a solution that tricks the body into thinking it’s newly injured, which triggers a healing response back into the affected area.

PRP uses the patient’s own blood to repair collagen and fibrous tissue. By utilizing a centrifuge, platelets and plasma can be isolated and this growth factor-rich formula has been found to accelerate the restoration of injured tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles.

Hudson Integrative Health also offers IV therapy — a concentration of minerals, vitamins and some amino acids; and chelation therapy — a heavy metal detox for people with a severe build-up of lead and mercury in their system, for instance.     

A couple of weeks ago Stefanie Adams Massage moved into a tranquil front room of Hudson Integrative Health. Adams, a licensed massage therapist since 1998, specializes in Swedish, deep tissue and relaxation techniques with a focus on injury treatment. Hudson believes their views on healing are well-aligned and looks forward to “cross-pollinating” their strengths to best serve their clients. 

In terms of integrative health, Hudson believes mainstream medicine and naturopathic approaches can make productive, and even strong, bedfellows.

Hudson said, “I reach for those natural products and therapies that are more natural first. If those don’t work, I have the option to go further; prescribe pharmaceuticals, get an MRI, (or) refer to surgery but I reach for natural options first and that’s what integrative means to me.”

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