Radishes are a quick and nourishing plant to grow in your container

Many of us are looking for ways in which to occupy ourselves and our families as we hunker down during this time of sheltering in place. 

While we do, what better way to celebrate spring than by planting the seeds of nourishing food? Right now, the quicker those seeds emerge, the better for impatient kids and those of us craving a little encouragement.

Of all the quick crops, the radish reigns. It’s possible for seeds planted today to give us cute, spicy radishes in three weeks. 

If you have a container, a raised bed with an empty corner, or a bit of healthy soil, plant some radish seeds about 1 inch apart, covering with a shallow layer of soil. The addition of a little fish fertilizer in the first watering will urge them on. Keep the soil moist, not soggy, and be sure a few hours of sun hit it. Thin seedlings to about 3 inches apart once they are 2 inches tall. In a little over three weeks, you will have crunchy little additions to your salad.

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