The garden tool kit from Eldergrow contains everything a new gardener needs to get their herb garden sprouting healthily.

In times when food sustainability is on the forefront of people’s minds, planting your own garden can seem like a great idea, but it can be daunting if you’ve never gardened before.

However, Seattle-based therapeutic gardening company Eldergrow is spreading its roots and helping the community garden, one plant at a time, with its Farm-to-Fork herb gardening kits.

Started in 2015, Eldergrow began with a focus on supporting those in senior living communities. With gardens now in 22 states and over 250 communities, Eldergrow’s indoor therapeutic horticulture garden and culinary herb programs bring nature inside year-round to seniors. Now, they’re ready to help anyone and everyone who wants to explore the world of gardening.

Orla Concannon, the CEO and founder of Eldergrow, said she decided to create the Farm-to-Fork kits because she wanted to bring the love and joy of gardening to the average consumer and not just those in senior living communities.

“Therapeutic gardening is the root of Eldergrow,” Concannon said, mentioning how she wants to connect as many people as possible to nature.

The Farm-to-Fork garden kits went live on Earth Day, which is also Eldergrow’s fifth anniversary. Concannon said Eldergrow has four different herb kits as well as a garden tools kit. Herb kits include an Anytime Savory herb collection, a happy hour cocktail mix, a mini medily mix and full ensemble. Concannon said she recommends the full ensemble for people who have property and those that want the cocktail mix to order as soon as they can due to seasonal growth cycles. A portion of all proceeds of the herb kits goes to the Alzheimer's Association to keep with Eldergrow’s commitment to senior communities.

Concannon said her favorite part about the garden kits is getting people outside and in the garden.

“There’s a lot of new gardeners out there and gardening allows for you to get Vitamin D, light exercise and a lot of joy,” she said. “There’s always something exciting about starting a gardening project.”

Along with the herb kits, Eldergrow is helping new gardeners get off the ground with a garden tool supply kit which comes with a three-piece tool set, a large tool bag organizer, gardening gloves and more. Purchasing an herb or tool kit also grants you access to Eldergrow’s large and beneficial online web portal, which includes easy garden care tutorials, tasty recipes, techniques for turning herbs into spices and more.

According to Concannon, response to Eldergrow’s new kits has been “fantastic” and she’s excited to help new and experienced gardeners grow an herb garden of their own.

More information about the grow kits and Eldergrow can be found at eldergrow.org/

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