A Tillamook cheeseburger, cross-cut fries and a chocolate hazelnut milkshake is a classic combo order from Burgerville. 

Northwest burger chain Burgerville recently upgraded its payment processing system to allow guests to tip workers. The introduction of tips comes after Burgerville’s announcement that it will now offer additional pay for employees working on recognized holidays. 

“Burgerville is changing the way we do business. We are engaging employees more, listening better and rebuilding trust,” Burgerville CEO Jill Taylor said in a news release. “Right now, we are following through on our commitment to set up a system for tipping. Our goal is clear: If a Burgerville employee is providing great service, we want to make it simple for guests to tip if they choose.”

Since Aug. 26, guests eating at the Battle Ground Burgerville have had the option of tipping in cash or on their card following their order. Tips are shared equally among all hourly employees at each location. 

Starting on Labor Day, Burgerville now recognizes seven holidays which include Labor Day, Memorial Day and National Cheeseburger Day (Sept. 18).

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Great, more cost on a burger that's second rate and already too expensive. There's a reason I haven't walked into a Burgerville in about 9 years. For quality, Burgerville lacked in almost every class. You cooked your fish at way to high temperatures for too long and served me fish jerkey at 4 star restaurant prices. The so called beef patties you place on children's burgers wasn't fit to call hockey pucks and literally no larger than the size of a silver dollar and just as dried out and hard. Your fries served cold weren't fit to feed to pigeons. When you gloat about walla walla onion rings at $5.00 for 4 rings, I wanted to throw them back at the kitchen to at least heat them up. And now you want me to tip that!? I think not. I'll continue to not be a customer make my own thank you.

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