Cameron Kast

I know, I know, a “millenial” that doesn’t like avocado toast. But, hear me out. It’s kind of… bland. Especially when compared to other foods that avocado is used in, such as guacamole, cobb salad and even smoothies. 

Avocado toast falls short on flavor, is overhyped and deserves much less attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I love avocados. I could eat an entire two-person serving of chips and guacamole for breakfast and cobb salad is a mainstay in entrees I choose at restaurants. But, those foods have flavors that the avocados texture complements. Plus, avocados are incredibly healthy for you. They contain more potassium than the average banana, are loaded with healthy fats (a majority of which is oleic acid, a fatty acid linked to reduced inflammation), and they’re high in fibers.

These are the good things about avocados. Avocado toast isn’t one of them. It’s bland, most people have it unseasoned and it has a very strange texture that isn’t pleasant to the tongue. I personally feel that avocados are great and better in other breakfast foods. Avocados in an omelette? I’m on board for that. Avocado in a smoothie? Keep it coming, that sounds delicious. I’d even put guacamole on a piece of toast. The texture wouldn’t be my favorite, but at least it doesn’t taste like dirt and has flavor. 

All in all, avocados are great. Keep eating them. But I’ll pass on avocado toast. 

Battle Ground’s Cameron Kast joined The Reflector earlier this year. Along with covering sports and lifestyle, he will be offering a millinial’s take on food once a month with his column “Cookin’ with Cam.” 

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