At 12 years old, Duchess is an older gal. The female Russian Blue requires a little extra care as she is hyperthyroid and prefers a home without dogs or children. Duchess also requires a prescription diet of food and cannot have access to other food or treats. She is very vocal and fearful when she is scared and will need a patient owner to care for her. All of her vaccinations are up to date and Duchess is declawed. 

Over the past couple of months, local cat adoption organization Furry Friends has been busy adopting out cats and preparing for its September auction. Between May 30 and July 3, the organization adopted out 16 cats to community members and is on track to adopt out 40 more over the next couple of months. Those interested in pre-adopting a kitten can submit applications online at furryfriendswa.org/cat-adoptions. Pre-adoption means potential kitten adopters can submit applications; however, the kittens cannot go to a new home until they are spayed or neutered. 

Along with preparing furry friends for a new home, the non-profit organization is preparing for its “Hairy Pawter” auction. Now in its 12th year, the yearly auction raises money for the organization’s increasing medical costs and operating budget. Because Furry Friends in an all-volunteer organization, the cats and kittens will receive the benefits of all the finances raised at the auction. In past years, the auction has taken place in person. However, due to the coronavirus crisis, Furry Friends has decided to move the auction online this year. Between 8 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 12, and 9 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 19, community members can place bids on many different items, some with a “Harry Potter” theme. More information and videos about the auction can be found at furryfriendswa.org/calendar/hairy-pawter/

To prepare for the annual auction, Furry Friends is still looking for donations of items to auction off that fit the category of “large ticket items” (over $500) to auction off. Along with these larger ticket items, Furry Friends said they have an AmazonSmile wishlist of other items they would like to acquire prior to the auction. The wish list can be viewed at amzn.to/30CoTqL. The organization encourages those who can donate these items to make a tax-deductible donation to the cause. 

The all-volunteer organization also said goodbye to three long-time volunteers this June and began filling their roles with new vet-techs. However, the organization is always looking for more volunteers to help get cats off the street and adopted to loving homes. The organization is looking for volunteers to fill a myriad of roles from halfway house assistant to assistant vet tech. Anyone 16 or older can send in an application to volunteer by emailing volunteer@furryfriendswa.org

Last but not least, the organization has 24 cats up for adoption. Each cat has been microchipped, vaccinated and tested for feline leukemia and FIV. Adoption fees are $130 for a single kitten under a year old and $100 for a single cat over a year old. If you adopt more than one cat, you will receive 50 percent off the listed cost. A $25 discount will be applied for a person 65 and older and a cat over five years of age. 


Murphy and Lilly are a bonded pair of cats that are to be adopted together. Murphy is a nearly 6-year-old maine coon and Lilly is an exotic shorthair. The pair are “little love bugs” and Murphy is the more outgoing of the two. Both cats are spayed and neutered as well as house trained. 


Murphy and Lilly are a bonded pair of cats that are to be adopted together. Murphy is a nearly 6-year-old maine coon and Lilly is an exotic shorthair. The pair are “little love bugs” and Murphy is the more outgoing of the two. Both cats are spayed and neutered as well as house trained. 


Titus is a two-and-a-half year old tabby cat from Amboy. He was trapped and brought to the Furry Friends Halfway House where he stalks around and waits for someone to come pet him. He even dashes up to your feet and starts to meow for back pets. All of Titus’s vaccinations are up to date and he is house trained. 


Hercules is an 8-year-old tabby and medium hair mix. He is very timid, so requires a quiet home and a soft spoken guardian with a gentle touch and slow movements. He is FIV positive, so must be the only kitty or share a home with another FIV+ or laid-back kitty. He loves other kitties, and will meow at them as he passes by. Along with this, Hercules has stage 1 chronic kidney disease and must be on a prescribed kidney diet. He is wary of strangers and commotion, but once he warms up likes to be softly petted & brushed and has a very loud purr. He will likely find places to hide in his new home, and you will need to patiently allow him some space and time before reaching out to him. Hercules is house trained, neutered and has his vaccinations up to date. 

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