The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is located at 1100 NE 192nd Ave., Vancouver, and adopts out dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and rabbits to families in the area. The shelter has a 93.7 percent save rate and has no limits to how long an animal can stay in the shelter. The shelter also operates a thrift store called ReTails in Vancouver with profits going to the shelter. 

Below is a look at some of the dogs, cats and rabbits the shelter has up for adoption. While these are just a few options, the shelter has many more animals up for adoption both at its shelter and online at


“Hey, I’m Blake! I’m super excited to meet you! I have a lot of energy and I’m looking for a family who is ready to get active with me! Hikes? Yep. Running? No problem. Playing ball? Easy. If you have the lifestyle to match my energy, I’d love to meet you! Along with an active lifestyle I would do best in a home with kids over the age of 14 and would like to meet any other dogs I will be living with.” Adoption fee $300. 


“Hi, I’m Freckles, a 1-year-old Australian cattle dog. I’m a little shy so I would like to meet all of the children and dogs I would be living with.” Adoption fee $350.


Puddin, a 5-month-old puppy, was one of many in a litter. The all-American mixed breed is ready and willing to meet anyone in his family. Adoption fee $400.


Calm and gentle William is a year and a half old American pit bull terrier. Due to being a little nervous, William would like to meet any dogs and children he will be living with. Adoption fee $250. 


“I’m Atom and I’m ready to become part of your family. I think the life of a family cat could be the one for me. From toys and beds to windows to look out of, I’m ready for it.” 

Atom is 3 years old and can be shy in new spaces. Those wishing to adopt Atom can expect him to take a while to come out of his shell. Adoption fee $50.


“I’m Lulu and still trying to figure out this whole ‘family kitten’ thing so I need a home where I can take my time learning the ropes.” 

Lulu is about 4 months old and shy in new spaces and will take time to warm up to her new family. She would like to meet any kids she will be living with and prefers kids over the age of 6. Adoption fee $180.


“I’m Juice and still learning about my new life and it’s a little overwhelming. I know I can figure it out but it’s going to take me a little bit of time. If you’re looking for a cat that’s a little older, come talk to me!”

Juice is 7 years old and would like to meet any kids he will be living with prior to adoption. Adoption fee $25.


Tempurra is a 2-year-old domestic shorthair cat ready to be taken home. She would do best in a home with kids over the age of 6 and needs a slow introduction to other cats in the home. Tempurra is located at the ReTails Thrift Store on Fourth Plain. Take along any kids she may be living with to meet her. Adoption fee $30.


“Hi, I’m Alexander, and yes, people tell me I’m pretty great. I’m a shy guy, but the right loving, kind family can bring out my spunky bouncy side. Do you like salad? I like salad. See, we have something in common already! From the tip of my twitchy nose to the end of my cute fluffy tail, I’m all love and looking for someone to be mine. If you think we could make a good match, please talk to an adoption counselor or volunteer to set up a social with me and see where this thing goes!” Adoption fee $25.

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