Daycare dogs

Alisha Barnhart, the owner of Playing Paws, stops to pet Dusty (left) and Chance during their stay at the boarding center in Ridgefield July 25. 

Playing Paws, a new daycare and boarding facility in Ridgefield, offers everything from chiropractic adjustments to a pickup service. Its campus features a 4,000-square-foot indoor facility and a three-acre outdoor play area with couches, nature walks and running space for dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

Owner Alisha Barnhart has lived in North County her whole life; she graduated from Battle Ground High School and now lives in La Center. 

“I have been dealing with animals my whole life, especially dogs,” Barnhart said. “I have a passion for dogs and what better way to spend my day than spending it with dogs all day long?” 

Barnhart doesn’t just house dogs, however, she also breeds them at her home in La Center — specifically labradors. 

Barnhart chose the Ridgefield location for Playing Paws based on its close proximity to Interstate 5 and because it’s a “nice little town.” 

Ball is life

Holly runs around the grass area with a ball during her stay at Playing Paws in Ridgefield July 25.

When dogs head to Playing Paws, they first go through an evaluation to make sure they get along with humans and other dogs. 

Per the businesses’ website, the first consultation is about 50 minutes and costs $45. 

According to Barnhart, special food and medication needs are no problem for Playing Paws. 

As for why Playing Paws stands out, Barnhart mentioned chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture for dogs at the facility. 

“I offer that as a service because I feel that it is very important to your dog,” Barnhart said, explaining how chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial for your dog after a long day of playing. 

Barnhart also said acupuncture and laser treatments are available for dogs at the facility.

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