Battle Ground Police Department Chief Mike Fort

I have recently heard from people who are frustrated and want to re-open their businesses, and from groups who want to congregate. I don’t blame them. Believe me, we customers need those businesses as much as they need us. Schools are closed, day cares shuttered, sit-down restaurants, hair and nail salons, taverns, and many other small businesses are hurting.

Some may never recover from this.

To be sure, everyone is suffering to some degree. Police officers also have vulnerable family members who we can’t visit because we might be carrying a virus that could be deadly to them. Like you, we also have family members and friends who are out of work and are struggling to make ends meet. Some of us, like you have missed the death of family members, or births of children, and graduations.

We get it. We understand wanting to get back to a normal life, but we have to balance the economic suffering of our businesses and employees with the need to protect the physical health of all our citizens. If businesses reopen earlier than the health authorities allow, we may well drag out this closure much longer than if we just held on a little longer. Do you really want to be the one that causes these restrictions to last longer than necessary?

Please lean on your family and friends for help, and don’t put your police officers in the position to have to enforce the Stay at Home orders from the Governor. As a reminder, your police officers have the authority to enforce RCW 43.06.220 (5) which makes it a gross misdemeanor to willfully violate the order issued by the governor. Please don’t put them in that position. Keep you and your family safe, do not gather in groups outside your household of more than four, and dig in a little longer. This is a strong community and we will survive this, but we have to work together.

Citizens wishing to submit a complaint about activities that do not comply with the governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order may do so by using the department’s anonymous tip form and officers will follow up as priorities allow. Please do not call emergency or non-emergency dispatch for these complaints.

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Thank you police chief.

You all posting are being giant enormous snore flakes. You're also likely those that are gathering anyway without face masks and endangering people like that 79-year-old barber that opened his shop foolishly. most of the people that are out of a job also get to apply for unemployment. some of you are posting about how this isn't as bad as it is and it's time to open an export say sort without actually citing your sources. It's not true. You know why Washington has low deaths? It's because our governor was proactive and closed the state. It's also because of all our tech companies that sent their workers home even before the stay-at-home order went out. The governor actually only had to do this stay at home order because when he asked everybody politely to do it of their own will they ignored him. you guys are listening too much to the sources that say this isn't as bad as we thought. It's not as bad as previously projected because we stayed at home which was the whole point. Unlike you all I'm a nurse, I work in the health field. It's not time to open unnecessary businesses. If you're worried about one of your favorite hair stylists send them money. Buy some gift cards to restaurants that are closed or order takeout and give them a huge tip. And for heaven sakes, when you're not home we're a mask. Too often when I see pictures of you all that I think we should be open, none of you are wearing masks. It's a simple way to massively slow down this virus when you are out in public to just simply cover your mouth with a piece of cloth. But you snowflakes still fill that is too much to ask. Most masks wearing has been studied in the healthcare setting but there is newer research being done. Some mask is better than no mask at preventing spread. Using it properly can catch up to 99% or more of the particles acts in your mouth as you are probably a silent carrier. Also no real expert has said it's time for America to open up. America is the hardest hit country because you all can't follow directions. To be fair our leaders are not being as proactive as they could and letting you know what to do and for how long to do it. But you are allowed to think and you're allowed to research and please listen to actual medical authorities and not some politician that wants your vote. (

And for all of you whiny butts seeing all these posts agree with you. Do remember it's always the loudest complainers that make post whereas most of us who are happy to stay at home to save our fellow citizens even though we are frustrated and pent up aren't going to be making a lot of loud protests. Mostly your posts show you have zero empathy, you think you won't be seriously ill so you only feel inconvenienced. You cry about the economy, but there would be much more damage with uncontrolled spread to the economy if 300k were dead right now with more to come. Close to 70k are dead because Americans are stubborn. So some numbers: 20 million people tested positive for the flu, 24k died, that's 1 in 1000 sick, 70k Covid confirmed deaths (there are more) about 1million confirmed cases, that's 7 people out of 100. For every person that died there are dozens that are going to have permanent repercussions from this disease. one case report I was reading the other week was about an increase in major blood clots in young adults because of Covid. They followed nine patients that came in between the ages of 30 and 50, that had a major blood clot in the brain and tested positive for covid, only one died, but all eight others are never going to recover, they're going to have permanent brain damage and some so bad that they will need full-time care for the rest of their lives. So we have 70K reported deaths, they haven't been able to compile how many people are going to be permanently affected in some way by this disease. We are lucky that the covet death rate is so low even though it is not low at all. there is nothing to say this pandemic could have had a 30% death rate. Covid-19 does have a serious death rate however as well as a disability rate (it's can cost the public 300-500k a year to care for someone who needs long term care), it is extremely contagious much more so than the flu which is also very contagious, an unlike many serious diseases it has a very high rate of silent carriers. this disease would have been easier to conquer if everybody who was contagious at a fever but that's not how this one works, it would have been easier to contain if it was as valiant as most respiratory diseases but it's not It's many more times easily passed. Set a whining about how much this is inconveniencing you and worrying about people are stealing your power, take power over Covid-19 by proactively protecting other people, wear a mask in public, help out your community (donate food, help your neighbor, do a video chat with Grammy. Don't prolong this disease.


The very best advice and thank you

Rick H

This heavy handed attitude will do nothing but enrage the population. We do not need the chief of police telling us to turn in our family and friends so that he can come and arrest us.

Other counties in WA have already deemed the lock down unconstitutional since the legislature has not voted on it and the Governor, according to those councilman, can only imposes orders for 30 days.

I have always supported our local and state law enforcement men and women but when they use heavy handed tactics they no longer get my support.


People are generally willing to personally sacrifice in order to forward the community as a whole so long as their sacrifice doesn’t immediately endanger the welfare of their family. What people are not willing to do is sacrifice indefinitely for little to no gain for society as a whole. I’ve seen reports from experts and front line doctors stating it’s past time to open up and that blanket lockdowns are doing more hard than good. As time goes by and our understanding of this virus expands, it seems to be more and more about politics than it does a pro science approach to dealing with this virus.

You have made it clear that you are within your authority to jail people for their disobedience. We’ve seen many stories and videos in the past weeks of hardcore criminals being let out of jail and soccer moms being arrested for going to a park and desperate small business owners being arrested for simply trying to keep their families from starvation. In the coming weeks and months you will have a choice to make. As time goes on and people get more and more desperate are you going to be the heroic trusted law enforcement personnel our communities need or are you going to end up telling your descendants that you were “just following orders” when you took away people’s lives, liberties and or their ability to pursue happiness?


Common *


People are generally willing to do everything in their power to do what’s in the best interest of their community so long as they can meet basic needs. People are not willing to let their families suffer to economic ruin and and tyranny in order to support what more and more as time goes on appears to be a political anti-science authoritarian power grab.

The experts on most fronts are saying that it’s well past time to open up. It’s been shown that this virus doesn’t do well outside in the sunshine and criminals are being let out of jail to make room for soccer moms that took their kids to a park and desperate small businesses owners who can either let their families starve to death or open their business and risk the government throwing them in jail.

The choices you make as our communities trusted law enforcement personnel at this time will either make you heroes of the community or someone who will be telling their kids that they were “just following orders” when they unconstitutionally took people’s life, liberties and/or their ability to pursue happiness. The choice is yours.


This is why sheriff's are more important that chief's. Yall do the bidding of your supreme leader because you're beholden to them rather than the public of which you're supposed to protect and serve. Especially an order that potentially violates our constitutional rights.

You speak on people that may NEVER financially recover. And then tell us to tough it out. There are rules and laws that keep society from sliding into an anarchist state. Most of society abides by that because it realizes its for the comin good of the community as a whole.

But the problem isn't the fact that we have to stay home for the same reasons. The problem is that we are being told to stay home indefinitely without any real clear pathway to reopen.

Even with that fool's new plan.

Not too mention he says he is using data and science and he wants us to trust those numbers when the numbers we are given are found to be grossly inflated just so facilities can get federal funding.

All the while assisted living facilities are being told that they can't Refuse covid 19 residents. But then when those same facilities run out of PPE they reach out to the Clark county health department . And the department REFUSES to give them any if their reserves until that same facility in Clark county Wa reaches out to all the other facilities and asks for PPE from them. All the while they have 7 residents die from the disease.

It's for those reasons we will not comply. If you want to arrest us because a bunch of Karen's called in saying that my family is at another family members house then I'll take those repercussions.

We have a right to peaceably assemble. That right is guaranteed by the founders of this great nation. Because they were fleeing a king who wanted to tell them how to live (or barely live). All the while he was thousands of miles away living high and mighty and out of touch of the subjects he presided over. Now our king is only hundreds of miles away, but his out of touch policies are just the same.

I will not comply to an unjust law

I will not comply to an order based on data that has proven to be untrustworthy

I will not comply to an unconstitutional order

I will be vigilant for my fellow man

I will take precautions to ensure my safety and the safety of others in my community

If you don't agree with me that's fine. If you are in a position where you have a compromised immune system then protect yourself accordingly. Just like any other aspect of life, it's up to us to ensure our own health as we see fit.

We smoke, we drink, now even up in seattle you can shoot drugs into your veins legally. As long as it's in a certain area.

But God forbid we have a birthday party in a living room.

"A government that had the ability to give you everything, has the ability to take everything away"


@Gixxer I wonder do you make sure you wear a mask when you go to the grocery store because those workers are dying at an extra high rate because they're getting exposed a hundred people's a day. Are you too busy being upset that you can't throw a birthday party in your living room. The sooner people mask up the sooner we can open the economy in a safe fashion and not have hundreds of thousands of deaths while still having the economy open. usually research takes years to complete so you saying there's nothing accurate when they've had months shows your ignorance of how that process works. when something new hits a lot of times you have to try one thing see if it works if it doesn't try another see if it works better and tell you settle on what works best. A lot of these stay at home orders are to protect lives while we figure out what is best. You can't figure out what is best in 2 months. But we are getting there, new studies are starting to come in that show that wearing a mess can catch up to 99% of the particles you breathe out, so that if you are silently carrying this disease you won't infect as many people in a public setting. And that a good cloth mask can catch up to 60% of the particles you breathe in which will reduce the severity of the infection should you get sick.

Also covered has a 1 to 2% death rate among normal people, immunocompromised people it's 30 or 40%. I work with people that are immunocompromised or their children are as a nurse. Those people have been sheltering in a place weeks before the general public and they will continue to do it and tell the disease is not out in public (likely the next two years). But this is still a serious concern for normal people too. What do you think will happen to the economy if we lose 400,000 people? We're almost a quarter there and that was with the lockdown. If we lift it too soon it will undo all the work we've been accomplishing by staying in place. The bigger sin over shutting everything down would be to waste that effort by going out too soon. So sit down and enjoy a brew and do a voice chat to sing Happy birthday. Find something productive to do instead of swirling in bitterness.

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