Sean Gregory, chief executive, PeaceHealth Columbia Network

Sean Gregory, chief executive, PeaceHealth Columbia Network

As southwest Washington residents make final preparations for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to spike in our community. PeaceHealth Columbia Network Chief Executive Sean Gregory shares the following letter discussing important thoughts to carry us safely throught the holidays into the New Year:

Dear friends and neighbors,

On behalf of my colleagues that serve in the largest and longest standing provider of healthcare in our region, I want to share a few thoughts as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Please be safe. There is nothing political about COVID-19 in our community. People have been harmed, and more people will be harmed. Please take measures to not harm yourself or others. Wearing a mask is an inconvenience, but the consequences of spreading the virus are worthy of being inconvenienced.

Everyone has a role. If there was ever an illustration of interdependence, it is what we are experiencing in this pandemic. Your important role may be to help your family make a hard decision about where to have Thanksgiving dinner. You may need to listen to a loved one frustrated by the consequences of the pandemic. Whatever your role in helping our community navigate the pandemic, it matters, and your friends working in healthcare appreciate your efforts.

Please know your encouragement is noticed. Our PeaceHealth teams have received over 20,000 donated meals, thousands of letters of encouragement, and thousands more prayers. Your encouragement matters to us and is something WE are very thankful for. It is a blessing to work in a community that has been so incredibly encouraging. Thank you. We are part of an incredible community.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve,

Sean Gregory

Chief Executive, PeaceHealth Columbia Network

The PeaceHealth Columbia Network includes both PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, WA and PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center in Longview, WA.

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