Details for Photo Contest

     Stay on the trail of the church arsonist,and catch it red handed. Win $15,000 GuideOne Insurance, and $20,000 police rewards.

     The long-time Battle Ground WA library aid was probably at the scene of two fires, at Battle Ground public library. Besides, the BG library aid was probably at the scene of the recent Club Green Meadows fire, because the BG library aid frequents the area.

     In addition, the face of the BG library aid, and the face of the Vancouver church arsonist appear to match. View the church arsonist videos, by googling "Vancouver church arsonist". Identifying characteristics are thick, gray hair with wavy bangs unless it is dyed. Thin, medium height. Short torso, body (when driving a WA license AOY 3872, gray, older, Toyota Corolla, can't see over the steering wheel). Long legs in proportion, to short torso, like a poisonous brown recluse spider. Walks/rides bike 24 hours/day, looking to do crimes of opportunity, to get a thrill, such as, stalking, vandalizing, graffiti, raping baby farm animals, arson, stealing (probably stole the bat at Prairie H.S. or 119th st. little league field, to leave items at the scene of the crime, to frame a child). Usually wears wire rimmed glasses. Uses alcohol. Cigarette smoker. Pale eyes. Angular, pointed nose. Loner, probably homeless. Square chin with lower chin cleft like General Rockjaw in Sad Sack comics. Thin lips like a fish. Wears tennis shoes about male size 7.

    By Faith Community Nurses and Chaplain Larry Hansen

     Emanuel Hospital

     2801 N. Gantenbein Ave. #2027

     Portland, OR 97227



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