116929 NTC Walker ORDER APPOINTING PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF INTESTATE ESTATE, WAIVING BOND, AND GRANTING LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION Case No.: 20 4 01170 06 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR THE COUNTY OF CLARK In the Matter of the Estate of: ROBIN LEE WALKER, Deceased. THE COURT, having heard and considered the Petition for Order Appointing Personal Representative of Intestate Estate, Waiving Bond, and Granting Nonintervention Powers and Letters of Administration, presented by Petitioner, Sherry Lewis; FINDS: 1. Decedent died intestate on February 12, 2019. She was then a resident of Pierce County, Washington. 2. The petitioner intends to pursue, on behalf of this estate, a wrongful death claim. The other assets subject to a probate proceeding are unknown at this time but are expected to be minimal. 3. Petitioner is willing and qualified to act as Decedent's Personal Representative. 4. The court agrees to waive bond for the Personal Representative as it is in the best interest of the estate and the pending wrongful death claim is the only known asset. 5. No notice of hearing is required under RCW 11.28.131 and RCW 11.28.030. Notice is required under RCW 11.68.041(2) and will be provided to all beneficiaries, as required, upon filing a separate Order granting nonintervention powers. 6. The estate is solvent. AND ORDERS: A. Petitioner, Wendy Hanson, is appointed as Decedent's Personal Representative (technically, Administrator of Decedent's estate), to serve without bond: B. The Clerk of the Court shall promptly issue Letters of Administration to Wendy Hanson, upon the filing of her sworn Oath of Personal Representative. C. The Personal Representative is authorized to bring a wrongful death action on behalf of the Estate. DONE IN OPEN COURT on the 13 day of Nov, 2020. /s/ Judge/CommissionerJudge/Commissioner of the Superior Court Petitioner: Wendy Hanson 2100 112th St. S, Apt. G Tacoma, WA 98444 Telephone: 253-961-5594 Presented by Attorney for Petitioner: /s/ Tim Nay Tim Nay, WSB #34942 Law Offices of Nay & Friedenberg LLC 6500 SW Macadam Ave., Ste. 300 Portland, OR 97239-3565 Telephone: (503) 245-0894 Fax: (503) 245-1562 Email: Published: The Reflector January 13, 20 & 27, 2021


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